Supreme Court justices against abortion are pushing the limit for the government to get people vaccinated

Back in December, the Supreme Court was asked by the state of Mississippi to overthrow Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that protects a pregnant person’s right to decide what to do with their body for the last 49 years. Worryingly enough, for anyone who thinks the court should be preserved, the remarks of the Conservative judges hinted at oral arguments – pretty loud! – that they are ready to take the decision. Brett Kavanaugh suggested that he was not worried about the idea of ​​precedence, which is a lot does not what he said during his confirmation hearing in 2018. Samuel Alito compared abortion with racial segregation. Neil Gorsuch, among other conservative members of the court, insinuated Roe had been wrongly decided. Amy Coney Barrett proposed abortion does not have to be a legal right because women who do not want to have a child can just carry them to term and send them for adoption, no muss, no fuss. Clarence Thomas have tried to topple Roe v. Wade for years.

In other words, the court’s conservatives believe that the government has the right to tell a person what to do with their own body. Which is extremely rich given its decision on vaccine mandates on Thursday!

About That New York Times:

The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a vaccine or test mandate for large employers, which struck a key element in the White House’s plan to address the pandemic, as cases due to the Omicron variant are on the rise. The employer mandate would have required workers to be vaccinated against coronavirus or wear masks and be tested weekly, even if employers were not required to pay for the test. There were exceptions for workers with religious objections and those who do not come into close contact with other people at their work, e.g. those who work from home or exclusively outdoors.

The Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, had issued the mandate in November, affecting more than 84 million workers. The administration estimated that it would get 22 million people vaccinated and prevent 250,000 admissions. At oral arguments at a special session on Friday, members of the court’s conservative majority seemed in doubt that the administration had congressional permission to impose the requirements.

In its unsigned ruling blocking the mandate, the court wrote, bizarrely enough, that although the risks associated with COVID-19 occur in many workplaces, “it is not a business hazard in most.” It went on to add, also bizarrely, that OSHA should not be allowed to require coronavirus vaccines because you can get the virus anywhere, not just in the workplace. COVID-19 can and does spread at home, in schools, at sporting events and everywhere else where people gather. That kind of universal risk does not differ from the daily dangers that everyone faces from crime, air pollution or any number of infectious diseases, “the order states.” Allowing OSHA to regulate the dangers of daily life – simply because most Americans have jobs and face the same risks while on the watch “would significantly expand OSHA’s regulatory authority without congressional authorization. “

In their dissent, the court’s three liberal judges noted that the government must be able to counter “the unique threat” that American workers are currently facing. Regarding their Conservative colleagues’ decision to go in for the likelihood of someone getting COVID at work, the judges basically replied, “Bitch, did we miss the time you went to medical school?” writes: “If the court acts outside its jurisdiction and without a legal basis, the court displaces the judgments of the government officials who have been given the responsibility to respond to emergencies in the workplace.”

In a flash of positive news, the court ruled that the Biden administration may require that health care workers at facilities receiving federal money be vaccinated. But for non-healthcare professionals who may now have to work with colleagues who refuse to grow up or tested, it’s apparently the breaks.

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