The Last Of Us: 10 funniest mistakes in the game

The last of us is considered for its breathtaking history, grounded atmosphere, intense gameplay and to be recognized as one of the best video games ever. In such a popular game, it is no surprise that so many fun bugs and errors have been discovered over the years.

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Despite the fact that Naughty Dog has released patches to fix these bugs, there are still many left. From physics-defying character animations to game-breaking out-of-bounds bugs, these glitches ignore any sense of logic and create some fun absurd moments that will surely be remembered and discussed among fans for many years to come.


Removal of hard skin at the wrong time

A visual flaw in The Last of Us

One of the strangest mistakes in The last of us is when Joel is seen hovering over the road after Tommy while standing completely motionless. This funny mistake occurs in the chapter “Tommy’s Dam”, after Ellie runs away and Joel and Tommy chase after her on horseback, but the player makes Joel jump off Callus, his horse.

This hiccup becomes even more amusing when Joel tries to pick a weapon, and immediately spreads his limbs out and becomes a total abomination, all the while still hovering. This monstrosity then transforms back into Joel and continues to flow down the road. All the while, Tommy continues to ride as usual, completely unaware of Joel’s horrific attempts at yoga.

Ellie and Joel are on callus

Ellie and Joel drive Callus to the university in The Last Of Us

This hysterical mistake, which seems to occur randomly in the “University” chapter, sees Ellie and Joel merge and stand completely still on top of Callus. While the player is running around, none of the animations seem to work, which means that even Callus runs around the area without moving a single muscle.

Moreover, Ellie and Joel do not talk much during this section, so the awkwardness of Ellie, Joel and Callus moving together without actually doing anything is combined with an even more awkward silence, which is sometimes broken up with a “neighbor”. “This is a rather banal but funny mistake, which gives players a short break from the emotional journey that often went too far.

Bill pushes thin air

Bill pushes a truck in The Last Of Us

Another funny hiccup occurs in Bill’s Town as Bill and Joel slowly push a vanished car down a hill in an attempt to kickstart the engine. If a Molotov cocktail is thrown at Bill while pushing the car, he will start walking and pushing on the spot while the car rolls away from him, creating a silly scene where he constantly pushes the air like a mime.

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Joel, completely unaware of this, somehow pushes the whole car by himself until the game catches up with him. What’s even more funny is that Bill’s still talking to Joel as if they’re next to each other. Despite being further away from the second, the two continue their conversation as usual. Either Bill’s whisper is actually very loud shouts, or Joel has got an incredibly good hearing.

Outside the confines of the university

An error outside the box in The Last Of Us

Out-of-bounds glitches are some of the most common and well-known glitches in Last of us, and one of the most fun takes place at the university. Joel can be pushed off the track while driving on Callus if he gets stuck between a certain trash can and wall. Unlike most “out-of-bounds” mistakes, you can’t see much of the map, so fun, Joel and Callus can defy gravity and literally walk on the blue air.

This gurgling mistake is made ten times more fun as Ellie falls into the endless abyss for no reason at all. Joel is completely unaware of Ellie’s fall and continues to walk around as he usually does on land. After the short time that many hysterical game-breaking glitches often cause, the game will go down as there is no way to get back to the upper world and Ellie will return from her unintentional turn.

The sinking floor

Joel in the Suburbs in The Last Of Us

This comic error occurs in the chapter “The Suburbs” during a conflict with the military. If Joel takes cover in a particular house in the area, there is a seemingly random chance that enemies trying to enter the back door will instead sink shoulder-deep into the floor. Cozy enough, they still manage to fight while Joel intensely fights against their heads sticking out of the floor, in a desperate battle for his life.

Moreover, the bug gets even more fun when the enemies are defeated, as their bodies start to panic breakdance and flutter everywhere before getting up and stopping in an awkward but fun position. Throughout this chaos, Joel is still completely unphased and behaves as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened, remaining true to Joel’s hardened personality.

Falling through the Earth

Joel upside down in The Last Of Us

One of the funniest mistakes in The last of us can happen by chance when Ellie, Joel and Bill travel through a neighborhood in the “Bill’s Town” chapter. It involves Joel rushing up a ladder, briefly hovering over everything, then quickly falling into nothingness, all the while Ellie and Bill fight the infected who are completely unaware of Joel’s hilarious quarrels.

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As Joel soars in the air, the screams of Ellie and Bill sound as they struggle to hold back the infected and add a somewhat funny dark tone to this obscene mistake. In addition, after a few brief seconds of peaceful staring into the sunset, Joel suddenly plunges into the abyss outside the confines of his untimely downfall, where he somehow meets his death with what appears to be an extremely hard and silly belly flop that tops off this hysterical hiccup.

Joel is immune to clickers

Ellie shoots at a Clicker in The Last Of Us

Another humorous and seemingly random mistake occurs in Bill’s Town, a place in the game filled with traps and Clickers, where Joel becomes immune to a trembling Clicker. This Clicker tries to attack Joel after he explodes one of the traps, but for some reason he takes no damage and is completely undisturbed.

To witness one of the most frightening threats in The last of us being completely harmless is fun, not only makes this mistake useful, but also something satisfying as Joel and Ellie can still fight back. Instead of inflicting damage, the Clicker entertains amusing arms all over it while desperately trying to attack the unaffected Joel. Within seconds, the Clicker has gone from being an absolutely scary creature to being a laughing stock.

To leave David to defend himself

David and The Last Of Us

This fun and satisfying thing happens in the chapter “Lakeside Resort”. Tons of the infected and Clickers storm towards the shelter, and usually there are limited supplies available, but the bug protects Ellie as the enemies completely ignore her and attack David instead.

Many fans rate David as the least likeable character in The last of us, when he is later exposed as a cannibal who simply manipulates Ellie to win her trust. So seeing him in distress is somewhat satisfying and adds to the dark humor of this funny mistake, as his survival in this situation depends solely on Ellie’s help.

Joel and Ellie merge into one

Joel and Ellie merge into one in The Last Of Us

Another funny mistake from the campus, this hiccup sees Ellie and Joel merge into each other while trying to sit on the saddle at the same time while riding the Callus, and is triggered by holding down the triangle button in the chapter’s initial cutscene.

This fusion of Ellie and Joel creates an incredibly strange creature where Ellie’s face emerges from Joel’s chest and her arms from his shoulders, becoming one of those things you just can not stop staring at. Furthermore, this hysterical mistake becomes even more amusing when Ellie and Joel engage in deep, dark, and serious conversations that are supposed to be emotionally gripping. But in this situation, the hiccups just make the dialogue funny.

Ellie changes shape

Ellie changes shape in a The Last Of Us bug

One of the funniest mistakes of all time in The last of us sees Ellie’s body howling funny and terribly elongate for no apparent reason. Occurs randomly after the first infected meeting at the university, this hiccup is thankfully not game-breaking, but the same can not be said about Ellie.

The bug is a truly supernatural and hysterical sight to behold. By far the most meme-bare bug in the game, this is the moment The last of us became a horror game. This moment is guaranteed to make all players laugh, and will likely be remembered for many years to come.

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