The neo-Nazi provocateur Tim Gionet baked Alaska sent to prison in Scottsdale

Baked Alaska tried to skip the city. Now he has been stuck in Østdalen for a month longer than he hoped.

A judge in the Scottsdale district court remanded the neo-Nazi provocateur, real name Anthime Joseph Gionet, in jail Thursday afternoon for his conviction in an assault on a bouncer in December 2020.

Assistant City Prosecutor Joshua Austin asked Judge James Blake for a maximum of six months in prison. Gionet’s lawyer, Zach Thornley of Goodyear, called the city’s recommendation “unprecedented”.

Mr Blake was sentenced to 30 days in prison and fined $ 3,200 in damages.

It was barely a month before the U.S. Capitol attack on January 6, 2021 that Gionet turned on his camera and sought to gather internet clicks in Old Town Scottsdale. He harassed workers at Giligin’s Bar and twice sprayed a bouncer who tried to escort him out of the company with pepper gel during a livestream.

Pepper gel is more dangerous than pepper spray, prosecutors said at the sentencing.

The worker’s eyes were bloodshot and gouty, Scottsdale Police said.

Gionet was convicted of assault, burglary and disorder in October – the first convictions for the 34-year-old alt-right streamer who used to work for BuzzFeed.

click to enlarge Edited by Phoenix New Times to remove hate speech and the name of the far right that hosts the video.  Scottsdale police arrest Anthime Joseph Gionet in December 2020. - TELEGRAM SCREEN SHOT

Edited by Phoenix New Times to remove hate speech and the name of the far right that hosts the video. Scottsdale police arrest Anthime Joseph Gionet in December 2020.

Telegram screenshot

But Austin said Gionet has a “lack of rehabilitation potential” after being banned from most social media websites and taken to Telegram, often a refuge for neo-Nazis. Gionet used the messaging service to post the prosecutor’s address, email and phone number on the website.

“The persona created by the defendant may be real or not, but he creates real dangers to our society,” Austin told the court Thursday.

And despite sounding sheepish before Blake at his sentencing, Austin shared a video with the court that was filmed after Gionet’s verdict. It suggested something else.

“So even if they were like, ‘You have to take a week in jail,’ then we would say, ‘Try me bitch,'” Gionet said in the video.

He also called Austin a slander for gay men in a post on Telegram.

But his mother, Suzanne Gionet, came to his defense Thursday when her testimony as a character witness contradicted most of the facts in her son’s case.

“I raised him to love people and to be honest,” Suzanne told the court. “He wants to make an impact for the good of the world, and I taught him that.”

Days after federal agents arrested Gionet, the Scottsdale court began receiving hundreds of fake online lawsuits filed by the public. It contained such gems as endless pages of ejaculating penis emojis.

“Almost all were spam, which in many cases consisted of racial designations or similar derogatory or inflammatory comments,” said city spokeswoman Kelly Corsette.

Gionet also violated his release order and skipped court – and the city – in January last year, according to court records.

Aaron Joseph Lester, one of his loyal fans, rescued him for $ 3,000 so the then Queen Creek resident could establish himself in Clearwater, Florida.

“I’m tired of paying for flights to Arizona,” Gionet said in a recent livestream as he prepared for his sentencing.

But his first probation violation came in January 2021, when he participated in the attack on the US Capitol, court records state.

Gionet posted a video of himself marching with white supremacists in Charlottesville and hanging out with neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin. He also livestreamed on YouTube for 27 minutes as he committed the alleged crimes inside the American Captiol. Filming your own fools is a habit.

Federal prosecutors accused him of violent entry and federal intrusion for his role in the January 6, 2021 riots.

The next hearing for Gionet in that case is set for 17 February.

click to enlarge Anthime Joseph Gionet, aka Baked Alaska - TELEGRAM SCREENSHOT

Anthime Joseph Gionet, aka Baked Alaska

Telegram screenshot

Prosecutors in Gionet’s Scottsdale case referred to his involvement in the uprising and other pending criminal charges in Maricopa County in their argument for the six-month maximum.

Last month, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office claimed he violated a Hanukkah exhibit in front of the Arizona State Capitol and charged him with several counts of criminal mischief. He is awaiting trial on these charges.

And in 2019, he tweeted that Jews should be sent to the gas chambers. The Southern Poverty Law Center has considered him a white nationalist.

That’s why, despite Thornley criticizing the city for having “a special interest” in Gionet’s case, Austin was adamant about imposing a harsh sentence.

Six months’ imprisonment was “the only sentence that will have any chance of deterring this defendant from engaging in criminal conduct in the future,” Austin said.

Interestingly, the victim in this case told the judge on Thursday that he would prefer Gionet to escape without jail. But Blake said reminding Gionet was justified in the “unnecessary violence.”

And Baked Alaska’s own lawyer said, “He’s probably considering going into federal custody.”

So far, Gionet will be sitting in the Scottsdale City Jail. Unless he has given a successful appeal, which he has promised to file, he will not return to Clearwater until Valentine’s Day.


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