The trailer for Rune Factory 5 stories sets the stage for more agriculture and combat

Nurture crops, explore dungeons and even tie knots

Runefabrik 5 is heading to North America this year with more fantasy friends and agricultural activities in tow. Ahead of the March 22 release date, XSEED and Marvelous released a story trailer today highlighting what exactly you need to do in the action RPG.

If you are not familiar with Rune factory, it is an offshoot of The history of the seasons (or Autumn moon) franchise. Although that series has split in its own way and tends to be more about agriculture, Rune factory generally incorporates several action and RPG elements into the mix. There are dungeons to explore and enemies to fight along with the fields you want to take care of.

Of course, there are still those aspects of these slice-of-life games that you would like. In addition to caring for crops and livestock, you can also get to know the urban population and help build the city to new heights. And as shown in the trailer, you can even get married!

I was hooked on Runefabrik 4 when it arrived on the Nintendo 3DS and it ended up reviving a love of peasant life sim that roared in flames with Stardew Valley. And while the latter has certainly become the dominant force in the farming-focused side of the genre, I’m actually quite interested in Runefabrik 5 for where the series differs. Some light-hearted action-RPG thrown into the fold, along with its colorful aesthetics and this feature leaps into fully 3D worlds, has intrigued me.

Even though it’s already out in Japan, North American Nintendo Switch owners will have their chance to grow crops and relationships in a few months. Runefabrik 5 is set to launch on March 22, 2022.

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