Azealia Banks says her opinion again. As fans of the Harlem-born star already know, she has never held back from giving her opinion – no matter how controversial it is – on everything from other celebrities to major world events.

Most recently, the “212” singer spoke publicly to Ye in an Instagram video, saying, “I really need to get into it … Like, you love to steak with bitches! What is it about? Like, how you beef with Taylor Swift Aren’t you tough?

Michel Dufour / Getty Images

She continued, and only got more excited, “so, yeah … No more steaking with bitches … I promise you, the next time you try to start fiddling around with me, it’s not going to be like that … You know , some like a polite response from a white girl. “

“You know I do not want to stand on the balcony and cry my eyes out like Teyana Taylor … Do not do it because you have no nonsense,” she concluded, apparently turning to some former beef between father of four and “Rose In Harlem “singer.

A post uploaded to @theneighborhoodtalk on Instagram reveals that Banks was also in the comments, speculating with fans. “And he’s apparently just knocked a fan down. Today is not Ye’s day,” one person wrote, pointing out that the Atlanta-born rapper has made headlines for allegedly getting into an altercation that saw him push someone after him .

The 30-year-old replied, “I’m telling you [you] he’s on that dog food with that bitch, “and claims West has used heroin with his new girlfriend, Julia Fox, who Tone deafness notes.

She also took the opportunity to cast a little shadow on other artists, writing, “plus McDonald’s does [you] sour as f * ck, why [you] think DaBaby always hits someone in the ass ??? That food is designed to lower [your] vibration !! “

In other news, Banks also called the Yeezy founder’s music “useless rubbish” in another rant – read more about it here.