Brian Cox rejected ‘Game of Thrones’ because it did not pay enough

Brian Cox has spent three seasons playing the intriguing media maestro Logan Roy on Succession. Now he makes his own power plays – telling everything when it comes to his five-decade career in his future memoirs, Put the rabbit in the hat. After an earlier excerpt where he put a plug on Quentin Tarantino and Michael Caine, Cox explores the high-profile roles he did not play in a new excerpt released by GQ on Friday.

Although Cox has won awards and universal fanfare for participating succession, he almost appeared in another hit HBO series first. “I am often asked if I was offered a role in Game of Thrones– The reason is that every other villain was – and the answer is, yes, I should be a king named Robert Baratheon, who apparently died when he was looted by a boar in the first season, “Cox writes, adding:” I know very little about Game of Thrones so I can not tell you if he was an important character or not and I’m not going to google it just if he was because I rejected it. “

The actor goes on to explain that while “everyone involved earned an absolute fortune” when the series ended, the money was Game of Thrones originally offered him “was not that great, shall we say.” Cox also knew that the character he was up to was who Mark Addy eventually played, was killed early in the show. “So I would not have had any of the benefits of the long-term effects of a successful series where your salary increases with each passing season,” says Cox.

Prior to that offer, Cox had worked with showrunner David Benioff in the 2002s 25. time, written by Benioff and directed by Spike Lee. In his book, Cox calls Lee “one of the best instructors I’ve ever worked with”, in part because of his ability to collaborate with costar Edward Norton. Cox writes of Norton: “He’s a nice boy, but he’s a little painful because he sees himself as a screenwriter.” The Golden Globe winner then praises Lee’s ability to hear Norton’s script ideas without using them. “And the fact that he did it without disturbing Ed, who after all has a reputation for being a bit volatile, was really quite an achievement,” Cox says.

That brings us to Harry Potter, or as Cox calls it, “Harry fucking Potter.” He was also ready for a role in that franchise, probably Mad-Eye Moody, the role there Brendan Gleeson won in the end. Cox writes that “Brendan was more fashionable than I was at the time, and that’s very much the world way in my business, so he got it. Besides, he’s much better than I would have been.”

When it comes to rejecting the governor’s role in The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Cox writes that he “no one regrets” about Jonathan Pryce plays the role. “It would have been a waste of money, but of all the parts of that film, it was the most ungrateful, plus I would have ended up doing it for film after film and missed all the other good things I’ve done, ”Explains Cox.

Then he targets the franchise star Johnny Depp, refers to him as “so overblown, so overrated. “Cox writes,” I mean, Edward Scissorhand. Let’s face it, if you come up with such hands and pale makeup with scars, you do not need to do anything. And he did not. And subsequently he has done even less. But people love him. Or they loved him. They don’t love him that much these days, of course. ” Then he says, “If Johnny Depp went after Jack Sparrow now, they would give it to Brendan Gleeson.”

Cox also teased the possible end of succession, although nothing has been confirmed by HBO. “Hopefully we’re making a fourth series,” he writes, “and it should probably be, but it will have been a great race.”

Put the rabbit in the hat will be released on January 18, 2022.

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