Halo Infinite Store Prices will be reduced next week


Screenshot: 343 Industrier / Kotaku

Since Halo Infinite’s multiplayer was released in november last year, free-to-play shooter cosmetics and microtransactions have been heavily criticized and discussed, how many feel that the prices of items in the game are too high. According to 343 Industries, things are changing. Starts next week Tuesday, January 18th, players can expect reduced prices on cosmetics in the store as well as some other welcome changes.

Last night on Twitter, 343’s design manager Jerry Hook explained that the developer behind the latest glory the post has “monitored the discussions” around Infinite in-game store and was ready to announce some changes. The first and without a doubt best change is that prices throughout the store will be reduced.

When asked for more info on these prices, Hook simply added that they will be “bottom. “

Hook also explained that along with lower prices, “The store experience will vary from week to week” from Tuesday. The studio also plans to increase the quality and value of cosmetic bundles and plans to start offering more individual items outside of bundles, giving players more choices as to what to spend their currency on and what not to spend.

“We will try new things for the rest of the season so we can continue to learn and improve in the future,” said Hook.

One possible new thing that Hook might suggest: the ability to earn premium currency in the store for free. This was apparently alluded to in a tweet response following Hook’s announcement of reduced prices. Someone mentioned that they would not have to lower the prices if there was a free way to earn credits in the game. Hook replied that he thinks the studio should do both.

Halo Infinite ‘s kampppas and cosmetics remain a controversial topic among fans. Things have become so heated in society over these things and other things –like potential arms nerves and lack of game modes—the last month that glory subreddit was shut down for a couple of days after Angry players spent weeks harassing the developers behind Halo infinite. Hopefully, the future is less angry, toxic, and expensive.


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