Judas Priest changes the decision to tour as a quartet: ‘We will continue our live shows unchanged’ as five pieces

JUDAS PRIEST reverses the decision to tour as a quartet: 'We will continue our live shows unchanged' as five pieces

British heavy metal legends THE PRIEST OF JUDGE have reversed their recent decision to act as a company on their upcoming tour.

Last Monday (January 10), THE PRIEST OF JUDGE announced that it would perform as a quartet when it returns to the country road in early March. A few hours later, the band’s touring guitarist Andy Sneap, who co-produced the group’s album from 2018 “Fireproof”, issued a statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET where he said he was “incredibly disappointed” PRIEST‘s decision to continue as a businessman and thanked Rob Halford-front outfit for the “mind-blowing” opportunity to share the stage with one of his favorite bands. In the meantime PRIEST fans were understandably saddened by the band’s decision to give up its classic twin-guitar attack sound and expressed their feelings on social media. Some even called for the guitarist to return KK Downingwho was with PRIEST in 1970 and remained in the group until 2011.

Earlier today (Saturday, January 15), THE PRIEST OF JUDGE issued the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET: “Hi metal lunatics … considering all that has evolved and happened recently, we have unanimously decided as a band to continue our live shows unchanged with Rob, Ian [Hill, bass], Richie [Faulkner, guitar], Scott [Travis, drums], Andy and Glenn [Tipton, guitar] joins us when he is able … so see you soon as we move on and celebrate 50 massive heavy metal years with THE PRIEST OF JUDGE together!”

Sneap, who is also known for his work in NWOBHM revivalists HELL and cool thrash outfit SABBATH, started touring with PRIEST four years ago after many years as a guitarist Tipton – who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease eight years ago after being affected by the condition at least half a decade earlier – announced in early 2018 that he would be out on tour activities in support of “Fireproof”.

Tray is the only remaining original member of PRIEST, which was formed in 1969. Halford joined the group in 1973 and Tipton signed in 1974. Rob left PRIEST in the early 1990s to form his own band, then came back to PRIEST in 2003. Downing parted ways with the band more than ten years ago and was replaced by Faulkner.

Two and a half years ago, Sneap said he would continue to play guitar for THE PRIEST OF JUDGE “as long as they want me for it.” During a performance on Talking Bollocks podcast, Sneap stated: “It would be great if Glenn was up there and did it. That’s what really … it’s always in the back of my mind; it really is. But it’s just nice that he asked me to do it. As long as they want me to help, I will help them. That’s the way I look at it, really. “

June last year, Halford told Metal Pilgrim to Sneap would probably continue to be the other guitarist for PRIEST in a live situation. “Andy still stands in that place Glenn with GlennIt’s a blessing, “he said.” It’s pretty much a given [that Andy will be going out on tour with us again]. And my gratitude to Andy. It could not have happened in a better way if you want to try to make something good out of it. It was a really important day then Glenn said: ‘I think it’s probably best if I step aside and maybe we should let it Andy come in.’ It was just a really beautiful act of selflessness. It is Glenn taxes PRIEST and PRIEST‘s reputation, especially in live concerts more than anything else. So bless Glenn before that. And as a result, Andy stepped in and did a fantastic job at ‘Fireproof’ tour and we look forward to doing the same with him on this 50th anniversary [tour]. And do not lower that fact Glenn may appear. He plays guitar differently, but there is no reason why Glenn can not show up and do any work. I mean, I’ve told you Glenn, ‘Just go out on stage and do it against everyone [flashes devil horns], and people just go insane because you’re loved so much. But I have a feeling for that Glennwill show up once in a while on this 50th anniversary [tour]. “

In 2019, Tray said it was up to Sneap to decide if he would continue to play guitar for THE PRIEST OF JUDGE after the end of “Fireproof” trip. “It really is something that needs to be discussed,” he said “Talking Metal”. “I think, Andy is now, these days, first and foremost producer. Whether he wants to go back and do it full time or not, it will be a mutual decision when the time comes. Andy will be more than welcome to stay. He’s really done an amazing job over the last year or so. He has done a good job of stepping up Glenn. It would have been very difficult if he had not been there, at such short notice, for we were not aware of it Glenn could not cope with the intensity of touring anymore until … We were only about three weeks away from starting the tour [laughs], and Andy stepped in and did a good job. He pulled a real rabbit out of his hat by learning a complete set list of songs in such a short time. He took it off anyway. And as time has passed, his stage presence, he clearly became more comfortable with it, and he’s performing great now. So when the time comes … We’ll give it to the end of this race and then we’ll see what everyone will do. As I said, he will be more than welcome to continue with us if that is his plan. “

November last year, THE PRIEST OF JUDGE announced the relocated “50 Heavy Metal years” North American tour dates for March-April 2022. Support for the tour will come from QUEENSRĊ¸CHE.

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