Moon Knight trailer teaser reveals Oscar Isaacs MCU costume and villain

A new Moon Knight trailer teaser reveals Oscar Isaacs MCU superhero costume and provides a quick glimpse into Ethan Hawke’s secret villain.

New Knights of the Moon footage reveals the best look at Oscar Isaacs Moon Knight costume and Ethan Hawke’s villain. Originally announced in 2019 on D23, Knights of the Moon is one of many long-awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe shows coming to Disney + in 2022. The series stars Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, a mercenary with dissociative identity disorder who becomes a superhero after Egyptian moon god Khonshu rescues his life – or so he thinks. Knights of the Moon also includes Ethan Hawke as its notorious main villain, but most of the cast and plot details are still secret.

Though Knights of the Moon does not have an official release date, it has been expected that it will be the first MCU Disney + show in 2022. There are many who are also eagerly waiting to see more from the series, after Marvel teased the audience with a glimpse of footage in late 2021. It gave glimpses of Isaac, who played Marc’s many personalities and looked up like Moon Knight. The footage, however, refrained from showing Isaac’s Moon Knight costume in its entirety, as only pieces of it could be seen throughout.


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A new one Knights of the Moon trailer teaser from Hulu has now fully unveiled Oscar Isaacs Moon Knight costume. The front of the suit can be seen for a moment as it flashes over Marc Spector’s normal attire early in the shoot, while the teaser ends with a glimpse of how Marc puts on the suit. The footage also includes a brief shot at Ethan Hawke’s villain, who comments that there is chaos in Marc Spector. See the teaser below:

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Now that Moon Knight’s full MCU costume has been revealed, one can see how closely it can be compared to the comics. The costume itself has a mummy quality over it (especially with the transformation sequence), which is not how it normally works in the cartoon. This could be one of many changes Marvel Studios is making Knights of the Moon, but it might be a way to tie the show more into Egyptian culture and mythology. However, many will be happy to see the glowing white eyes from the suit, which is traditionally part of Moon Knight’s cartoon design, but is a concept that live-action superhero projects have failed elsewhere.

As for Ethan Hawke’s villain, the footage does not provide much context for who he is. There have been various rumors about which Marvel villain he could play in Knights of the Moon, with Dracula and Sun King among the more popular proposals. Unfortunately, Hawke’s appearance does not clear it up. With a full Knights of the Moon trailer to be released in a few days, it could be here, Marvel reveals much more about the story and the characters, including Hawke’s villain identity.

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