Neve Campbell, Scream’s last girl, once survived a bear attack

At the very least, the bear will not ask her a lot of horror movie trivia questions.

Neve Campbell became one of the 90s most famous horror movie finale girls after plays Sidney Prescott ind Scream. Although her ability to survive the knife-wielding, mask-carrying Ghostface Killer (s) was fictitious, it turns out that Campbell may have channeled her actual ability to defy a murderous beast. During her campaign driving to the new Scream movie, she explains phe kom to the role once lived through a bear attack.

During a performance on Kelly Clarkson Show, Campbell talked about filming a movie in Canada when she was 17, where her character, which she describes as being “one with the animals”, apart from those of the ursine variety, had to be chased by a bear.

She was asked to give the bear a whole bottle of Coca Cola to show she was a nice person and then asked to dip her hand in honey “and just run” to get the scene shot. The idea was that the bear would follow her, and she would turn around before reaching out and letting the animal, as we all know, cannot resist delicious honey, licking it off.

The bear ended up doing the first part of its job – hunting Campbell – just fine, but then decided to act as a dangerous predator a little longer by grabbing her legs and pulling her through the woods. The crew around her froze in disbelief. Huh, mom who was on the set that day screamed. And Campbell shouted “he bites me!” repeatedly.

Eventually, she says, the bear handler used a sophisticated animal handling technique (throwing stones) to make it stop, and Campbell was released. Because she was 17 and wanted to be a professional, Campbell offered to do the hunting scene again shortly after to get it right.

This is impressive. Campbell can survive insane slasher movie villains and bears. As long as she never meets a furry beast wearing a scary white mask, why bet she could escape from almost any kind of danger.

[via Variety]

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