Techland will support Dying Light 2 for at least 5 years after release

Techland plans to support Dying light 2 for a long time after the first fall on February 4th.

According to the developer, the plan is to expand the world for at least five years post launch with new stories, locations, in-game events and more.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who played the first Dying Light.

Released in 2015, Techland continued to support the game for several years after its release with downloadable content packages, content drops, and free updates. The developers also teamed up with the studios behind Left 4 Dead 2, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Rocket League to create crossover content.

Unveiled at E3 2018 during the Xbox press conference for an early release in 2020, Techland announced in January that the game would miss the 2020 window. In May last year, a release date of December 7, 2021 was revealed. However, the game was later delayed until February 4, which is still the official release date.

Dying Light 2 is released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch (Cloud version).

If you are planning to download it for PC, here are the requirements. And if you are wondering how long the game is, yes, it will depend on how much you have completed.

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