Teenager afraid to see friends after bad meeting

DEAR HARRIETTE: I feel so uncomfortable again. We have spent what felt like almost two years, at home, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harriette Cole

My family and I followed all the recommended protocols. We were strict with our children. Now it seems that the whole thing is for nothing. My daughter caught COVID-19, not because she broke any rules, but because she ate lunch with other students at her school.

Apparently one of them had COVID but did not know. Almost all the children got it – and they are all vaccinated, some even with the booster shot.

My daughter spent her vacation vacation sick in bed. Now she is afraid of getting close to her friends; they had just started to “hang out” together a bit again. I feel so sorry for them. Especially teenagers need the camaraderie that comes from being together. Now they are pretty much back in isolation.

I do not know how to support my daughter through this. She became quite depressed in 2020 when she felt trapped in her room. And now this resurgence. What can we do?

COVID-19 second round

DEAR COVID-19 ROUND TWO: It’s a shaky time for all of us. This latest variant seems to be whipping through many communities and beating people down. As the disease is constantly changing, so are the isolation requirements. Be sure to follow the latest guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Disease Control and Masking.


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