Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has become a major problem for Governor Hochul

Governor Kathy Hochul looked as if she had the state’s fat-cat donor club so in her pocket that she could easily slip over a pair of Democratic primary opponents – and whoever the GOP throws at her in the 2022 governor’s race.

Then came Alvin Bragg.

I hear that several fundraisers from the Big Business community, who have either given to Hochul or planned to do so, are now seeking to play hardball because she has become silent about the new Manhattan DA and his sloppy get-out-of-jail card for criminals.

Bragg has become the poster child for “progressive” reforms thanks to a leaked political mandate outlining his heinous plans to let most criminals go free. And as I was the first to report last week, business in New York is going crazy. The city needs business and tourism in Manhattan to flourish, otherwise it is doomed.

Continued high crime is the fastest way to kill the city’s economy (remember before Giuliani NYC?). Such big biz bombarded their normally reluctant lobby group, the Partnership for New York City – and its normally reluctant CEO, Kathryn Wylde – with some blistering calls for action.


After feeling like a piƱata, Wylde turned to Bragg and asked for a meeting. He politely committed himself and told Wylde that his policies were “misunderstood”, without specifying which part of the note he wrote was taken out of context.

If it’s hard to digest the absurdity of it all, you’re not alone. Members of the partnership – which includes some of the largest, most powerful players in corporate America, as almost all the major banks and real estate agents are located here – are not waiting for their planned meeting with Bragg on January 21 to take action.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul delivers her first State of the State speech in the Assembly Chamber at the State Capitol on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 in Albany, NY
Governor Kathy Hochul looked like she would win over companies, but the lack of response to Alvin Bragg’s reforms is tiring.
AP Photo / Hans Pennink, Pool

In fact, as I have heard from several business leaders in NYC, they have already heard enough from Bragg and want either him out or his policies banished to a safe place in Ivy League college.

They believe that Hochul as governor is best equipped to do so. There are no revocation elections in the state of New York. Elected officials may be removed for “any misconduct, misadministration, misconduct or abuse of office” after an application has been lodged by “any citizen residing in such town, village, improvement” to the Appeals Division of [state] The Supreme Court. ”

There is a lot of talk from the city’s business leaders about doing just that, but even they will admit that it is a long shot. That leaves it to Hochul.

She could push Bragg from the bully pulpit and unequivocally state that his policies would endanger any man, woman, and child who walks the streets of Manhattan.

And while she does, Hochul was able to appoint a special prosecutor to lead cases that Bragg denies, a prominent business executive told me.

Again, not a word from the governor about any of this, which makes the donor quite outraged. My business sources say that Hochul, at least so far, does not want to disturb leftists as she is still dealing with some election-primary challenges.

That does not mean that the business community is powerless to force Hochul to do something about Bragg. A few told me they would soon make it clear to her that New Yorkers are not as left-leaning as the state party leaders, the AOC or Bragg. That’s why Eric Adams, who embraced business and promised to crack down on crime, was elected mayor.

Some of the business community in NY are not happy with Bragg’s policies.

They also tell me that Hochul might have to choose between their campaign contribution or tacit support for Bragg’s idiocy if she does not become wise.

Hochul’s did not return a phone call or email to seek comments.

A CEO pending

When Wall Street veteran Gregory Fleming went to the infamous Rockefeller Capital Management as its CEO in 2017, the financial-talking class was shocked: This guy is Big Bank CEO material. He put together some of the biggest financial deals in recent history and saved Merrill Lynch during the financial crisis by selling it to Bank of America. He even arranged for Derek Jeter’s purchase of the Miami Marlins. He could do better than that.

Since joining Rockefeller, Fleming has done quite well growing assets and setting the stage to sell them to a larger bank – while setting out to get the job as bank director he has long loved, investment banking sources tell The Post .

Every big business wants what Rockefeller does: Wealth management. Providing financial advice to rich people is a stable source of income.

Fleming took over as Rockefeller Capital Management CEO in 2017.
Fleming took over as Rockefeller Capital Management CEO in 2017.

Fleming brokers have now accumulated close to $ 100 billion in assets from almost zero when he started. Customers are rich, so the company would fit really well, I am told, for Goldman Sachs, if 60-year-old CEO David Solomon wanted to share some power and appoint a successor. JPM’s Jamie Dimon may be a buyer, and as a 65-year-old he could throw Fleming in as his No. 2 with a promise to run the show when he leaves.

Other names include PNC Financial Services and BlackRock, the world’s largest money management firm, since its CEO Larry Fink, 69, and Fleming, 58, are close friends.

One thing seems certain: Fleming’s last job will not be to run Rockefeller. Fleming had no comments.


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