Should I forget this hateful letter?

Dear Amy: Six years ago, after a reunion with my husband of 30 years, his mother, his two sisters and a brother-in-law, one of the sisters wrote me a heartbreaking letter.

Amy Dickinson

In it, she enumerated all my mistakes as she perceived them, said that I do not contribute anything to the family, and said that she and the rest of the family despise me.

She admitted that I have a wonderful marriage, even though she did not understand how that was possible.

The letter felt so toxic, so vicious, and so unreal that I shredded it right away. But its effect has lasted.

It showed signs of different writing styles and voices, so I’m pretty sure more than one person has contributed to it.

My husband’s mother has since died. He and his sisters talk on the phone a few times a year and communicate on social media, but we have not been visiting.


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