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BOSTON (CBS) – Wintah is here!

There was plenty of wind and cold already this weekend, and here’s a quick summary of what’s on deck before Monday:

  • Sunday morning will be another very cold single digit, though without wind
  • Sunday afternoon will be much more pleasant, in the mid and upper 20s

How do you follow up on one of the coldest weekends in years? Of course with rain on Monday. That’s just how we roll here in Boston.

However, it will not only be raining ….



At 5 ° for a low morning it was the second coldest start of the morning this season since…. yesterday! Saturday morning the lowest was 4 °. This afternoon is going to be pretty comfortable with highs in the upper 20s and low 30s. With a lot of sun, it was going to be a really nice day all in all.


And would you think that after all that cold we are watching an event that is predominantly raining on Monday morning? With no blockage present across northern latitudes, this storm will literally go all the way up into the gut, west of our area.

Most of our classic snowstorms encounter some resistance this way and end up passing just south of Nantucket, leaving us on the cold side. However, not this time.

While most of southern New England will start as a short period of snow, for many it will not last long. Expect the rainfall to come between midnight and noon. 4 Monday morning. It was supposed to start as snow everywhere west of I-95, probably all the rain east of it.

The heaviest rain and snow falls between kl. 4 and noon on Monday and we expect winter precipitation to quickly relinquish all rain. You will need to take a stretch north and west into New England to still handle a lot of sleet or snow by the start of Monday morning.

The snow “jackpot” from Monday’s storm will be out in the Berkshires to New York State and northern New England, where 8-12 “+ will fall.

The snow is decreasing rapidly to the east and south. Expect 2-4 ”before the change northwest of Worcester. North of Route 2 may be our local jackpot location where 4 ″ + will decrease.

Between 128 and 495, a rapid occupancy to a maximum of 2 ″, probably all washed away by the change to rain.

And again, all the rain in Boston and along the immediate shoreline down through Cape Cod.

Quick snowfall note about this storm – if you wake up at 7 in the morning, so look outside and see sparse amounts of snow, some (or all) may have melted away. The rain and the mild temperatures will quickly ruin the snow package.


For the eastern MA, the biggest concern will be the wind. We could see gusts of wind out east-southeast between 50-70 MPH close to the coast and especially over Cape Cod and the islands Monday morning. There may even be some embedded thunderstorms in the area with heavy rain!

(WBZ TV graphics)

Finally, there may be some minor to moderate coastal flooding during the high tide Monday morning (between 9am). The wind direction will be the key. If the wind stays out of the southeast through high tide, we will see significant splashing over along the eastern beaches. If the wind turns to the southwest a little early (they are heading that way eventually), it may help to push some water away from the shoreline. Either way, something to see until Monday mid-morning.

However, this storm is another rapid movement. The rain / snow and wind will quickly subside around noon, and there will be a significant drop in the afternoon.


No major storms likely in the following days, just more cold. Highlights generally appear to be slightly below average for most of next week. Next window for another storm seems to be around the following weekend.

A lot is happening! Stay tuned for frequent updates on WBZ-TV, and CBSN Boston.


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