The first episode of Ninjala’s brand new anime series is live on YouTube

Photo: GungHo Online Entertainment

Update [Sun 16th Jan, 2022 17:30 GMT]: The first episode of Ninjala’s new anime series is now live. It is only available until January 20th. Unfortunately, playback has been disabled on other sites by the video owner, so you will need to switch to YouTube to watch it.

Original story [Sat 8th Jan, 2022 22:30 GMT]: Towards the end of last year, GungHo Online Entertainment announced a brand new anime series for Ninjala. This one is said to be “more involved” than the previous YouTube cartoon that was already aired and the plan is to “dive deeper into the colorful world of the game”.

GOE has now locked the release date of the first episode release date and it will be broadcast next week on January 13th on the official Ninjala YouTube channel. Each episode will be available to anyone across the globe every Thursday, but the catch is that they will only be on the market for one week at a time.

The team behind Ninjala has also shared an overview of the show on the game’s website. Here’s what you can expect:

Ninja rubber, a substance known to strengthen the strength of Shinobi that lives inside and pulls it out … Burton, Berecca and Ron, three researchers at the World Ninja Association, or WNA, undertake to develop it in secret. Unfortunately, they have only managed to produce failure after failure.
But after a full three years of experiments, it finally succeeds in producing Ninja-Gum! “Ninjala”, the extreme ninja combat tournament that uses Ninja-Gum, is held to find the strongest Shinobi, but events and conspiracies involving Ninja-Gum and the existence of unknown creatures take place behind the scenes …

The Ninjala anime series with the eight main characters in the game (Burton, Berecca, Ron, Van, Emma, ​​Jane, Kappei and Lucy) as well as Gumchi starts!

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