Trump promises a ‘comeback’, Biden discards at the massive first meeting of the 2022 campaign season

Former President Donald Trump promised on Saturday that he would stage a “comeback,” his clearest indication to date that he plans to run for the White House in 2024.

He said it would be a “comeback that no one has ever seen.”

He made the promise at his first demonstration speech in the 2022 election season. He also blew up “tyrannical” vaccine mandates, runaway inflation and a wave of national crime in a brick-by-bricks of President Biden’s first year in office.

In the nearly two-hour speech in Florence, Arizona, he laid on top of the growing defeats for Mr Biden: the virus is still raging, the Supreme Court is blocking Mr Biden’s vaccine mandate for private employers and Mr Biden’s agenda in its death. overturns in Congress.

“Now it should be clear to everyone that today’s radical Democratic Party is driven by an evil and evil spirit of left-wing fascism,” said Mr. Trump. “Biden is trying to bully and intimidate people with his ridiculously unscientific mandates because he and his entire administration have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on.”

Thousands of supporters turned up for the convention.

Mr. Trump has been a staunch supporter of the vaccine despite setbacks from his base and has received praise from the White House for his public comments in support of the jab.

But the short-lived ceasefire ended Saturday.

“These corrupt power-mad people need to hear us loud and clear,” he said. “We are done having our lives controlled by politicians and Washington bureaucrats. We are done with mandates, including mandates for frontline health professionals.”

Mr. Trump also targeted lockdowns and masked mandates introduced in Democratic-ruled states.

“They’re just driving hard over this country,” he said. “They are really harming the American people. They have taken away their freedoms.”

“I say, enough is enough and we will not take it anymore because our country is going to hell. It’s a disaster and it all happened in such a short time.”

Mr. Trump also reiterated his claims that he won the 2020 presidential election and that Democrats stole it from him, even though dozens of legal challenges were rejected by the courts, and reports in several states could not change the results.

“The real uprising took place on election day,” Mr Trump said.

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