Amber Rose addresses the resurgent ‘Kartrashians’ tweet: ‘Kim or her sisters deserved it’

By Sarah Curran.

10 seconds ago

Amber Rose talks about an old tweet by her that has resurfaced in the middle of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce drama.

In the 2015 tweet, Rose dissected her ex and wrote: “@kanyewest I’ll leave it to the Kartrashians to humiliate you when they’re done with you. “

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Instagram Stories @AmberRose
Instagram Stories @AmberRose

The tweet followed West’s claims to take “30 showers” after his separation from Rose.

When the model went on Instagram on Sunday, the model urged people to stop sharing the tweet again and insisted that she has moved on from the past.

“Kim or her sister deserved that tweet, and you should not sign it either,” she wrote.

After breaking up with West, Rose created the Slut Walk to help women feel ashamed of their sexuality

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“Life is hard enough right now for a lot of people, I just want to spread love and positivity,” she added.


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