Black activists say critical race theory harms Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy

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While the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day, black activists say critical race theory tarnishes his legacy.

“Critical race theory points out that only one group or race is systematically racist and that they are inalienable and can never be forgiven,” Emery McClendon told Fox News on Sunday. “That concept is completely contrary to Scripture and the morality of civilized society.”

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“Dr. King taught love and humanity’s need to seek to judge each other based on the content of our character, not on our skin color,” said McClendon, a member of Project 21 National Advisory Council.

Members of Project 21, a black leadership network, also say the CRT controversy hurts King’s dream of seeing all people united as one.

McClendon says critical race theory and the 1619 project are causing division and disruption among the races.

“Because the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory have perpetuated a narrative of ‘systemic racism’, it is all the more imperative that we refocus our efforts on why it is important to achieve Dr. King’s dream of climbing the mountain top. , “said McClendon. in a press release Sunday.

“CRT is a very damaging doctrine, and at the beginning of its training, black students and others always see themselves as inferior and helpless victims who are discriminated against without any possible solution to change or progress,” McClendon told Fox News .

“We must emphasize that every individual is capable of achieving the success and pursuit of the American dream through hard work and determination,” McClendon said.

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