Chicagoans affected by gun violence caravan for change

CHICAGO – A rally was held in Chicago on Sunday, with participants caravaning around the city to protest violence across Chicago.

“We are tired of everything that is going on. We are tired of the nonsense, the violence and just people being killed,” said organizer Keith Thornton Jr., the 911 dispatcher who was calm in the midst of the chaos that night Officer Ella French became killed.

People with different backgrounds came together to end the gun violence in Chicago. Among those parents who have lost children. Elizabeth Ramirez, mother of DJ Rodriguez, says she has been living with the pain of losing a child for a long time.

Ramirez talked about her son, whose life was lost over ten years ago while she was celebrating her birthday.

“The system has failed us,” Ramirez said.

Things started in Palmer Square, where participants drove around the city to create awareness before ending up in Logan Square.

“Just as crime is unplanned, so will we be unplanned,” Thornton said. “There is no definite route. The route will go wherever God leads us.”

Collectors joined in prayer, hoping action would spur change.

“Someone has to start now, and it’s starting right here with us,” Thornton said.

According to the CPD, in the first week of 2022, authorities investigated 11 murders, down from 21 in the same week last year. In the first week of January, shootings also dropped from 61 to 48 compared to 2021 figures.

Last year as a whole, CPD data show there were nearly 800 murders. However, the figure does not include highway shootings as state police are handling them.


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