‘Desperate Housewives’ actor Ion Overman among 19 people charged with PPP fraud in Atlanta

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Actress Ion Overman is among 19 people charged with federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) fraud in Atlanta, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

As all 19 defendants had business connections in Atlanta or live in Atlanta, they were charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Georgia.

That separate charges linked the fraudulent PPP loan applications to a single Atlanta-based businessman, who was paid a fee for each successful loan.

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Overman, 45, is best known for his roles as It. Elena Ruiz and CBS ‘ Crowd of the Crowd, Candace Jewell i The L-word (pictured with Jennifer Beals), and as Linda, Derek Luke’s fiancĂ© in Tyler Perry’s Madea goes to jail.

She also had a recurring role as Maria Scott in Desperate housewives.

Also, music producer Carlos “Clos” Stephens, actor Dale Godboldo and media personality Marvin Lewton, also known as “Shadi Powers”, were indicted.

Mark C. Mason Jr., of Atlanta, was charged separately in the six other trials as an “unpunished accomplice,” according to court documents obtained by the AJC.

According to the documents, Mason is accused of filing fraudulent PPP loan applications for two of his own companies, Atlanta Business Capital and Advocate Business Capital. He received nearly $ 600,000. He is also accused of having assisted the other defendants in filing fraudulent PPP loan applications.

If the loan applications were successful, Mason estimated a “success fee” of between 2-5%, the documents state.

One of the defendants, Melissa Myrick, who worked for the IRS, allegedly provided Mason with signed PPP applications that contained vacancies for the number of employees.

Mason reportedly provided the missing information after talking to the other defendants.

The complete list of defendants is:

  • David Burge, of Tennessee, CEO and President of Elemental Comfort LLC
  • Gina Destito, from California, owner of HomePoppins.com LLC
  • Jim White, from New Jersey, owner of AJW Home Services and Design LLC
  • Richard Mahee from New Jersey, owner and president of ARG Media LLC
  • Kristen Alexander, from Colorado
  • Morgan Brown of Tennessee, owner and CEO of BHG LLC
  • Michael McGee Jr., of Georgia, owner of Arc Michael Logistics LLC
  • Marcos Soza, Arizona, owner of Yes Auto Sales Inc
  • Melissa Myrick, Florida, employed by the IRS
  • Michael Myrick, Florida, owner of MYCO Enterprises LLC
  • Kirk Codrington, North Carolina, owner of KC Global Enterprises Inc
  • Dereck Clark, Florida, owner of Dee’s Landscaping LLC
  • Darius McCants of Alabama, CEO and owner of BBF Inc
  • Dondre Berry, Georgia, CEO and owner of Houzzit Inc
  • Mark C. Mason Jr., of Georgia, owner of Atlanta Business Capital


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