Atlanta rapper Gunna has successfully started another trend and flooded social media with an abundance of “P” emojis as the world has fallen in love with his new studio album DS4EVER and the main single, “Pushin P.” There has been some controversy about the slang term that Bay Area natives claim originated there, but Gunna says he first heard the term from his father.

During the run-up to his album release, Gunna once again unleashed his feud against Freddie Gibbs, dished him out on the song “poochie gown” and told the rapper he did not “fuck with him.” Wunna explained The breakfast club that after Gibbs sneak-dissed him on Twitter a few years ago, he allegedly reached out to his manager to try to collaborate, which the “Pushin P” artist found strange.

While continuing to trade insults online, Freddie Gibbs has taken to his alternative Instagram page (his main page is still closed for breaking the platform’s rules) to fry Gunna’s latest outfit and call him out, as well as Young Thug, with non- så-playa “P” word.

“Only [P] you N *** as it is [P]Olice, [P]*** Y, [P]illow talkers, “Gibbs wrote on Instagram.” & [P]athletic [P]æoner. I’m pushing [P], “he added.

In another post, Gibbs shared a recent photo of Gunna posing for a photo with a fan, clowns “drip-influencer” for her massive winter coat, and tags the popular account @fitaintnothing, which often burns celebrities to their outfits.

This happens after Gunna shouted “F * ck Freddie Gibbs” at a concert this weekend. Young Thug also joined in, quoting Gunna’s diss texts in his own post and attracting a response from Gibbs.

What do you think of this feud?

Screenshots via @cantfuckwithrabbit on Instagram