Atlanta rapper Gunna has come under fire for allegedly stealing the phrase “Pushin P” from the Bay Area, as alleged by many Native Americans in the San Francisco area, but DS4EVER artist claims he actually heard the expression from his father.

While Gunna navigated in his latest controversy, which stems from his new single “Pushin P”, the rapper fights back against Bay Area natives, who claim he took their slang and appropriated it for his new trend. As you’ve probably seen, “P” emojis have definitely taken over social media with hip-hop fans reacting to Gunna’s new album, but the 28-year-old swears he doesn’t jack anything from the Bay Area.

“Good .. Min [P]ops taught me to be one [P]laya looongggg time ago p! A real [P] would never hate the next one [P]! Pz is worldwide! “

His comment comes as many Bay Area-based artists are angry that a resident of Atlanta is running off with their snake. Do you think P is universal, or should it remain in the Bay Area?

If you’re still unsure what P means at all, Gunna has previously described the term (using several different definitions) here. Watch the music video for “Pushin P” below.