Harriette Cole: Is it arrogant of the ‘new kid’ to suggest team building?

DEAR HARRIETTE: I started at a new job and I have a bit of a hard time getting used to working remotely in this new position.

Harriette Cole

To begin with, my company is medium-sized, but it seems huge when I meet people via Zoom. It’s hard to remember who’s who and to build a relationship with people when everything is formal and distant.

I thought it might be a good idea to organize a virtual cocktail class after work one day to get to know each other. However, I will not be overconfident as the “new kid”.

How should I handle this?

Social organizer

DEAR SOCIAL ORGANIZER: I like your idea. Take it to your boss and inquire about whether they like it too – as a team event.

It could unfold in different ways. Inviting the entire team that you work with directly could work, or maybe a subset. If you choose a small group and build from there, you may not even need to involve your boss.

The second thing you can do is choose a person once a week to invite for virtual coffee during the day or a virtual drink in the evening. This way you can get to know people one on one.

DEAR HARRIETTE: I’m so mad right now. I have been super careful every day since the coronavirus pandemic started.

For more than a year I did not go outside except to go to the grocery store and to the doctor. Only in the last few months have I relaxed at all. I still wear a mask even though I have started back in the gym. I only take off my mask when I eat or drink and I still keep my distance even then.

And what do I get for it? COVID-19.

I’m so angry and so scared. I already have existing relationships and that’s why I was so careful. I feel so sick and worried. My doctor says there is not much I can do but drive out.

I’m fully vaccinated and boosted, but so what? I feel like a failure and maybe I have put my loved ones in danger. I’ve told the few people I’ve been around. What else can I do?


DEAR POSITIVE: COVID-19 has increased across the country and around the world. The omicron variant is said to be drastically more contagious than other variants of this disease. Give yourself a break. It sounds like you have been very careful. I’m so sorry you’re sick.

Make sure you get plenty of rest and keep in touch with your doctor. The walking wisdom that I have seen so far is that we need to go back to wearing N95 or KN95 masks now to help protect ourselves. A year ago, my doctor told me that we will all have to learn to live with COVID-19. He was right. Do your best to stop beating yourself up. Like it or not, you and thousands of others are going through exactly the same thing right now.

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