Joe Budden is perhaps a little salty from the time Earl Sweatshirt imitated him during a comedy sketch by wearing a denim vest and a bald cap because he refuses to listen to the rapper’s new album, ILL! When he returned from a three-year hiatus, Earl Sweatshirt impressed his core fan base with the release of some new music, but Joe Budden has no plans to check the album out.

These two have not always come together, and it seems that has not changed in recent years. In a recent episode of Joe Budden’s podcast, the retired rapper talked about how his taste in music has changed as he gets older, and co-signed a recent tweet from Young Guru that said something similar. After naming Jim Jones one of his favorite rappers, Budden started talking about Earl Sweatshirt’s new album, tearing it to pieces, even though he did not even listen to it.

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“I just have to be honest this year. Hell no, I do not hear that bullsh * t! And I have to tell you what, I’ll never hear it! I’ll never hear itsaid Budden. “It could be shit Thriller. When should I put it on? “

When one of his co-hosts used the argument “different strokes for different people”, Budden said: “Do not defend it too fast. I will keep skewing it for a while and then jump right away. Do not know if I am [afraid to say names]. When I’m not saying a name, it’s to protect the sanctity of your guys. But I never listen [Earl], ever. “

He continued with a theory about when it would be an appropriate time to finally listen to Earl’s album, saying, “My rap taste is just a little different as I get older. And let me tell you how superficial I am … if a villain comes in. and throws on [Earl] and there are some slaps in the face, and then maybe another villain comes … but I have to be honest, that did not happen. “

Budden concluded by saying that since Earl has not been on any of Tyler, Creator’s latest albums, he will not even give the rapper a chance and say, “Is he on Tyler’s last album? Is he on Tyler’s album before that? album? What about it before that? Okay, forget it. But you expect me to listen to it. The man will not call him to come to the studio. When your husband stops inviting you to the studio, you get me not to listen to what you’re doing. Sorry, that’s like a rule of thumb for me. “

Do you think he was a little harsh with his criticism, given that he has not even listened to the album?