I heard the rude comments of our “superior” guests

DEAR MISS MANNERS: One’s bank account, knowledge of formal social rules, and ability to follow table etiquette do not necessarily mean genuine kindness, consideration, and courtesy. In fact, they may cover up one’s sincerity and contempt for others.

I find it unfair that the well-dressed and seemingly more refined are often credited for being more “appropriate” in society than those who are unpretentious and casual.

The back story is that when my sister and I were kids, an aunt took us into town for dinner and a game and introduced us to the more refined things in life. It was very cozy at the time.

We regarded her lessons as invaluable in how to present oneself in a dignified manner and follow respectable social customs. She was quick to point out social flaws and inappropriate dress and behavior and thus taught us how to behave in social situations.


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