I opened up about my pain and he shrugged

Dear Amy: I’m 50 years old. When I was 15, my dad had an affair and left. My mother and I fought for several years.

Amy Dickinson

When I was 17, he had a baby with another woman. My dad and his new family lived within 30 minutes of us. I rarely saw him.

At one point when my kids were teenagers, he apologized for not being in their lives, with the excuse that he was raising a child too.

I have a better relationship with the local grocery store than I have with my dad and my half-sister.

About eight months ago, I wrote him a heartfelt letter in which I told him how I have felt for the last 35 years about the whole situation: leaving his family, excluding myself from his new family and not being present to watch my kids grow up.

His response was “I’m sorry you feel that way.”


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