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Another day, another Drag Race spinoff … but this time you might recognize a few familiar faces in this international edition of All-Stars!

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Versus the World has officially announced the Nine Queens from the franchise to compete in the series’ first season.

Baga Chipz (UK) / Series 1

“Last time I was an old scrubber from Soho … but since then you can say I’ve got a glow. I’ve had my lips done, I’ve had my teeth done … a little Botox, a little filler. And “I’ve been very busy. I’m the most famous woman in Britain!”

Blu Hydrangea (UK) / Series 1

“I’m ready to reach the top. I deserve to rule at the top. When I went into season one, I said, let’s paint the city blue. How about painting the world blue! But RuPaul still makes me see myself a little … so we’ll see. “

Cheryl Hole (UK) / Series 1

“I know some of these queens are going to play a dirty game. But I’m a pure little diva! The only place I’m dirty is the place … well, you know exactly where!”

Janey Jacke (Netherlands) / Season 1

“They think I’m just a pretty girl. But I want to break the stereotypes of what people think of Holland. I have it all! I have the performances, I have jokes, I have everything in this package!”

Jimbo (Canada) / Season 1

“I was the robbed queen from Canada’s Drag Race season 1. But I’ve moved on … and I’m here to rob someone else now. I can not wait to take my sisters out. I want to crush them with my breasts , stab them with your fingers – and then scream at them! “

Jujubee (US) / Season 2 & All Stars 1 & 5

“People might think I’m crazy for doing this again … But I like torture! I’ve been everywhere and it’s because of the Drag Race.”

Lemon (Canada) / Season 1

“In my season I came in as a dancing queen diva and I ended up dominating in these comedy challenges. So I do not know if you will remember me as a dancer or a funny girl … but guess what? I’m all above . “

Mo heart (US) / Season 10 & All Stars 4

“Hello world, my name is Mo Heart! I’m the artist formerly known as Monique Heart. It’s time to give you Mo Heart, Mo Love, Mo Alt. Give me that darling!”

Pangina heals (Thailand) / Season 1 & 2 Host

“I can sing, I can dance, I can play! I’m an Asian chameleon. I love serving you a different variety of moves. I’m excited to compete with all the queens of the world – but they do not know who I am. “I want to be the dark horse in this competition! I know what they can do, but they do not know what I can do.”

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