NBA player gets Zelda sound played every time he scores

Jarrett Allen

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I had never noticed or heard this during a game before, so it took a column from the excellent Zach Lowe for me to learn this, but every time the great Cleveland man Jarrett Allen scores at home, he gets a sweet little one Zelda sound effect played over the stadium speakers.

In an episode called “Jarrett Allen’s Zelda Love Affair” in his latest “Lowe’s 10 Things” column for ESPN, Lowe says Allen is a giant Zelda fan, to the point where “he collects Zelda-related memorabilia; his favorite piece, he says, could be his 3D print of a particular shield. And his favorite game in the series? Although the game was born the same year the game was first published, it is The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

You can even find him watching E3 back in 2016 while he was still in college and was hyped for The wild spirit prior to release in March 2017:

It seems that when Allen was back at the Brooklyn Nets (he was traded to Cleveland in January 2021), and the staff first approached individual players for their sound effects requests – it’s a pretty common thing in the NBA to play something after a bucket , and Mario coin sounds have been played all over the league for years– Allen said: “It took me about 10 seconds to find the perfect one. In short, good.”

His request was for the iconic Zelda “secret” sound effect to play, the one you hear every time you solve a puzzle or uncover a hidden area. It’s a choice that followed him to Cleveland, and you can hear it in this highlight clip below (if it doesn’t automatically play in the right position for you, use it around 3:01)

NBA 2K22: The Kotaku Review

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I can not do it anymore. That’s the year NBA 2K has turned me into the Joker.

To be clear, the vulgarities of this year’s game are nothing new. There’s nothing here that will make longtime fans of the series take a double shot with bulging cartoon eyes, or that will mark NBA 2K22 as something that – highlighted in a vacuum – is uniquely guilty of. The one who finally manages it does not look so different from the straws that came before.


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