Nintendo ‘Super’ Switch is reported to use a new Nvidia chip to boost GPU and CPU performance

As we reported earlier, the new version of the Switch could come with a Samsung OLED screen. Now there are rumors that the state of Nintendo is looking at implementing DLSS support for its new Nvidia chip. Nintendo has not yet announced anything on the subject, so we should take all this news with a grain of salt. With the new Switch, Nintendo was able to look at how well the next generation of consoles has performed, and perhaps that has been part of their decision.

New Nintendo Switch could come with DLSS support

According to a new report on Bloomberg, the new Switch comes with a new Nvidia chip. This chip will reportedly boost the GPU and CPU performance of the console. The Nvidia chip also comes with DLSS support. The report also says that the chip will allow the switch to broadcast 4K visually when connected to a television. Right now, Nintendo has not given any announcements about the addition of the Nvidia chip, nor has it confirmed DLSS support. This is a much needed boost as it will give the Japanese gaming company a foothold when it comes to next generation consoles.

New Nintendo Switch could come with DLSS support

As for the Switch’s OLED display, the 7-inch screen is certainly larger than the 6.2-inch on the original system. That alone should be enough for an upgrade, but we could see Nintendo overhauling the console for a fresher upgrade. The switch is definitely still up and running as more people buy the little console that could. It’s even taken on people like the PS4 and Xbox One X, all the while carving out its own niche. Games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are some of the best video games ever made, so it’s clear why Nintendo is still in the game, decades later. With a host of new games like Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, Breath of the Wild sequel and the mysterious Metroid 4 under development, Nintendo is definitely here to stay. So if you are considering buying a switch, we have five reasons why you should, right here.


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