The NYPD officer goes into racist altercation during assault on the streets of Brooklyn, sources say

An officer without a guard spewed out racist insults while attacking an allegedly drunk driver during an incident on the roads in Brooklyn, police told The Post on Monday.

The couple got into it around 8pm on Sunday when motorist Abdul Motalab tried to make a U-turn in his Toyota RAV4 on Church Avenue near Ocean Parkway in Kensington, according to sources.

Riggs Kwong, a NYPD officer, was in his Honda Accord and allegedly blocked the 32-year-old driver from turning, causing Motalab to get out of his car to start taking pictures and hit the officer’s police vehicle, sources said. .

The 50-year-old Kwong then got out of his car, knocked the other man to the ground and started beating him, sources said.

“Terrorist!” Al Qaeda! Muhammad! ISIS! “Kwong shouted, according to sources.

A police source said: “It’s all captured on video.

“He will have to deal with the criminal justice system as well as the NYPD,” the source added about Kwong.

NYPD police truck
Kwong was charged with assault and suspended. The motorist, Abdul Motalab, was charged with DWI.
Christopher Sadowski

The video, which captured the racist horror, was provided to police by the 18-year-old police veteran of 70 Precinct himself, sources added.

Kwong had begun recording the meeting after Motalab got out of his car.

The policeman on duty was charged with assault and suspended, police said.

Motalab was charged with DWI after breaking a blood alcohol limit of 0.157, sources said. He suffered minor injuries to his nose and swelling of his face.

Kwong was previously suspended in 2017 for working shifts without a permit and using stamps belonging to the city’s Economic Development Corporation, the NYPD’s disciplinary database shows.


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