10 Strongest DC Villains Jean Gray Could Beat

Jean Gray is the patron saint of the X-Men. Professor Xavier’s first student, she is an Omega class telepath and telekinetic, making her one of mutantkind’s most powerful members. She is extremely skilled at using her mental powers and has long been among the X-Men’s most potent powers. In fact, Jean Gray can usually handle almost any threat that the team faces, all alone.

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Jean Gray has made a difference against some of the most dangerous villains ever and defended his comrades against threats that would otherwise have destroyed them. While some of DC’s villains would challenge her, some of the strongest would fall before her mental power.

10 Jean Gray would make short work of The Joker

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The Joker is one of the most deadly villains in any comic book universe. His whole life is based on creating chaos and getting the resources to do it. He has proven to be a challenge for some of the greatest heroes out there. His mind is an impenetrable maze that has confused some of DC’s strongest telepaths, but Jean Gray would be more than up to the Joker’s challenge.

Gray is on a different level compared to DC’s heroes’ telepathic talents, and although the Joker’s mind would catch her, she could handle it. Although she could not, her telekinetic powers are more than up to the task of defeating the Joker.

9 Lex Luthor’s brain would be puttyed in Jean Gray’s hand

Lex Luthor stands above Metropolis.

Lex Luthor is an astute man. He often finds that he is working with some of the most dangerous people on the planet, and he will not be stupid enough to leave things to chance. He almost certainly has some potent telepathic defenses, but they are not going to save him from Jean’s powers.

Jean Gray is on another level from the mental talents that Luthor must protect himself from. She has been hit by some powerful defenses in the past, and if she could not with Luthor, her telekinesis would level the playing field. It’s powerful enough to level mountains, and she’s in control of manipulating molecules. Luthor can not resist that kind of power.

8 Cyborg Superman would be a serious challenge for Jean Gray, but she would triumph

cyborg superman arrives at apokolips

Cyborg Superman has proven to be one of the DC Universe’s most dangerous villains. He is obsessed with his own death and he does not care who he takes with him and is extremely powerful. The cybernetic nature of his mind would make it difficult for Grey’s telepathy to work against him, but her telekinesis will do just fine.

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Jean is in great danger in this fight as Cyborg Superman is strong enough to challenge the Kryptonians and Green Lanterns. However, Jean has made a living triumphing over long odds, and her telekinesis is a potent offensive and defensive weapon. As strong as Cyborg Superman is, Jean Gray would be able to turn it against him and win the battle against all odds.

7 Batman Who Laughs’ Mind would be putty in Jean Grey’s hands

Batman Who Laughs - Laughing.

Batman Who Laughs turned out to be a wild villain who eventually put the entire multiverse in danger. He always won because he knew his opponents like the back of his hand. This is not something that would be possible against Jean Gray. He knows nothing about her or her weaknesses, and her powers are tailored to beat him.

While Batman Who Laughs would certainly have some form of mental defense, the caliber of telepath he is used to dealing with is far below Jean Gray. She would smash through whatever defense he has quite easily while defending himself against his attack with his telekinesis. There’s even a chance she could have fixed the Joker virus damage on his brain.

6 Doctor Psycho and Jean Gray wanted an epic mental war

Wonder Woman tends to fight the same villains over and over again. Doctor Psycho is one of her biggest challenges as his mental power tests her in ways that other villains do not. As strong as Doctor Psycho is, Jean Gray has fought against telepaths that leave him in the dust. She is an amazing mental talent and Psycho would not be able to abuse her mind like he has others.

Psycho has never faced a telepath of Jeans caliber in a mental duel. Her powers greatly overshadow his, and she would distance herself from the way he treats women. Jean would feel good about slowly shaking out.

5 With expertise, Jean Gray wanted to shut down Reverse-Flash

Reverse Flash Stands Victorious.

Reverse-Flash’s mastery of the Negative Speed ​​Force makes him a deadly villain, as the whole story is open to his manipulation. Reverse-Flash is superlatively fast, but Jean can perceive threats at the speed of thought, and that’s going to make all the difference. She would feel his hatred, and with that forethought she would come to work.

As strong as Reverse-Flash is, he has no defense against someone like Jean Gray. She can use her telepathy to destroy his perception of the things around him, making his super speed dangerous to him. She can catch him in a mental loop that effectively paralyzes him. She could telekinetically beat him to submission. She has all the cards in this match.

4 Grail’s power will not save her from Jean Gray

Grail was introduced during “The Darkseid War” and has been battling Wonder Woman and working with his father Darkseid ever since. Grail is a strong opponent, but it is all physical power; this will make this struggle a serious disparity for the Apocalyptic New God. Jean Gray is an expert in dealing with threats like her.

Although Grail has mental defenses that undo Jeans telepathy, she would not be able to resist Jeans telekinesis. Jean was able to protect herself from Grail’s attack and hit her offensively with overwhelming force. It would not be an easy victory, but it would still be a victory.

3 Starro could not conquer Jean Gray

Flash, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman fight Starro

Justice League fights all kinds of dangerous enemies and Starro is one of their biggest challenges. The world-conquering alien has challenged the entire team many times, so it seems unlikely that Jean would be able to beat it, but her telepathic powers could handle whatever Starro threw at her. Although one of its drones gained control of her, she has extensive experience in beating mental dominance.

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The drones are all connected to the Conqueror so she could use them as a mental attack vector on the alien. Once she gets into Starro’s mind, Jean would beat the beast from within and use her mental expertise to win the day.

2 Despero is completely outclassed by Jean Gray

Despero comes to Arrowverse in The Flash.

Despero is one of Justice League’s biggest threats. He is strong enough physically to tackle the toughest members of the team, and his mental strength contributes tremendously to his threat. This is something he has in common with Jean as her telekinesis gives her physical strength and her telepathy makes her a mental threat. Where they differ is the power level.

Jean Grey’s telepathy is stronger than Desperos’, and she’s much better at it. A battle between the two would see them fight in the physical and mental world, but in the end, Jean Gray would triumph over the alien conqueror.

1 Granny Goodness’ brutality would not match Jean Grey’s power

Granny Goodness is one of Darkseid’s greatest servants in his war against New Genesis. She is the trainer of Female Furies, she is known for brutally shaping her accusations in the Armaghetto to Darkseid’s greatest soldiers. Her old age may make her seem fragile, but she has not lost a step, and her abilities with her megastar make her a scary enemy.

Grandma Goodness is an extremely dangerous enemy, and Jean Gray would know it right away. She would not hold back against the old titan and spend all she had in fighting Grandma. Even then it would be a tough fight, but Jean Gray would win.

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