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Cardi B is close to tattooing her infant son’s name on her face. If she gets the tattoo, it will be the first public revelation of her baby’s name.

Cardi B facing vlogger Tasha Kebe in a courtroom in Atlanta this week, fans told that she is “close” to tattooing her son’s name on her face.


Cardi tweeted: “Random, but … I’m 1% close to taking my son’s name in my face … I really want to do it! [sic]”

She added that she will tattoo his name on her jaw.

The rapper’s followers asked not to spoil her face any more than it already is.


Cardi takes a side from the West Coast socialite Amber Rose who tattooed both of her sons’ names on her face.

Amber, 38, has a son by name Sebastian with the rapper Wiz Khalifa and a son by name Slash with x-girlfriend Alexander Edwards.


Cardi, 29, married rapper Kiari Cephus, aka Offset, in 2017. Your daughter, Culture Kiari Cephus, was born on July 10, 2018. They welcomed their second child, a boy, on September 4, 2021.

They have yet to reveal his name.

In a video on social media, Cardi B says the 4-month-old is already talking.

“I’m not exaggerating, this baby is talking,” Cardi said.

“I put this on everything I love. Yesterday I thought, ‘Do you love mom? Yes? “Then I asked him again: ‘Do you love mother?’ And he replied back ‘Yes!’

“I do not know if it’s like the pandemic. I do not know if this is normal. This shit is crazy. I need a camera in his room 24/7.”


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