Carl Heastie gets ‘called out’ after being maskless in the Albany store

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie walked unmasked inside an Albany store on Monday – and was chewed out by a protector for the display that came less than two weeks after he tested positive for COVID-19.

Heastie, the top Democrat in the lower house of the state legislature, admitted the apparent fall in a posts on Twitter.

“After a long trip to Albany, I hurried into the store and I mistakenly left my mask in the car,” Heastie wrote.

“A patron was right in calling me out. Thank you to him for reminding me that we should all mask ourselves,” he said.

It was not immediately clear which store Heastie stopped at or whether the company has a vaccination requirement.

If there was no vaccine requirement, Heastie violated a state-wide mandate by failing to wear a face mask.

After testing positive for coronavirus on January 5, Heastie was quarantined and missed Governor Kathy Hochul’s first state address.

A general display of signs indicating "you must be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter this company" and "all people must wear a mask to enter" as seen on the doors of Broadway theaters in New York, NY.
Heastie responded in a tweet saying “I mistakenly left my mask in the car.”
Christopher Sadowski

Heastie is not the only prominent Democrat in the state who is caught without a mask at an indoor establishment in the Capital Region.

Late. Kirsten Gillibrand was recently filmed while strolling without a mask inside the Latham restaurant Innovo Kitchen in Latham – and this caused irritation from the restaurant manager.

“Gillibrand is part of the system that put the mask mandate in place. She thinks she is above the law, “manager John La Posta told The Post.


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