DC’s Titans: How has Donna changed from the cartoon?

DCs Titans acts as a live-action debut for many of its titular heroes. Conor Leslie’s portrayal of Donna Troy brings the character to life in the second season, complete with her distinctive Wonder Girl Suit, Lasso, a passion for crime photography and an apparent love for Frida Kahlo.

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Nevertheless, there are several differences between the live-action Donna and her cartoon counterpart, which can be expected. Donna Troy has existed in some form since 1965 and is no stranger to a good retcon. She is one of the most prominent members of the Teen Titans and Titans and has been on countless adventures over the years. But some things about her have changed in the leap from comics to live-action.


Her Origin

Wonder Women Diana and Donna Troy

While Donna’s story has not been explored to the same extent as with Dick Grayson (Nightwing) in Titansit seems that the show runs with the character’s most famous backstory. This is the young Donna who is rescued by Wonder Woman from an apartment fire, and then raised by Queen Hippolyte of Themyscira, who is close to her origin story as seen in The New Teen Titans (1980-88) and its emotionally charged 38th edition entitled “Who’s Donna Troy? “

Titans Donna differs from her comic version in that she in the show so far has not shown much interest in diving into her past. In the comics, Donna became a big part of her character development finding out who she really was. However, there is no shortage of old and new origin stories to pick from if the show’s writers want to explore her fascinating history more in the future.

Wonder girl

Donna Troy is the original Wonder Girl, but Cassie Sandsmark and Yara Flor have taken the title since Donna almost differed from it in the comics. Donna Troy does not have to be Wonder Girl, however, must be respected as a hero. Her name has become synonymous with the same empowering qualities as her mentor, Diana, and her successors.

While Donna in the cartoon has moved on from her hero identity and the cloak has since been passed on, she remains the only Wonder Girl in Titansbut with a desire through much of the second season to leave the past (including The Titans) behind. Fans are coming up with three iterations of Robins in the show now, so maybe one day they will see another Wonder Girl come into the fight if Donna really goes on forever.

Her Romances

Donna Troy and Terry Long's wedding in the comics

Titans describes Donna’s relationship with Garth, also known as Aqualad. In the comics, Donna had various love interests and has even been married. Her most famous romance was with the university professor, Terry Long, and the two tied the knot Tales of the Teen Titans # 50.

This was way back in 1985, but she’s had other romances with other Titan Arsenal (Roy Harper) and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner). Donna’s relationship with Garth in Titans is important to her story, but it is interesting to see how her romantic interests have changed from what is seen in the comics.


In the beginning, Donna got her Amazonian powers from a modified purple ray on Themyscira. Over time (and through various retcons) she has had other unique abilities added to her classic superpower list. Some lesser known but relevant forces included her ability to mimic anyone’s voice, and in other storylines she has had the powers of energy manipulation, light generation, control of darkness and cold, as well as dream sharing with Diana.

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Donnas also had the power to conjure up three-dimensional projections of people’s memories. Her powers are not as varied as this in the show, but the two versions of the character have been through completely different sets of events, and the cartoon Donna has had much more time to expand her range of powers.

Power Of Flight

Donna Troy flies towards a starry sky in DC comics

Through Donna’s story in DC and it Teen Titans comics she has always had the ability to fly while she can not do this in the show. This can be said of other heroes in Titans also. Donna, along with Superboy and Krypto, can jump to great heights, while it’s still unclear if they, Raven and Starfire, can take to the skies.

Titans scales down many of the characters’ abilities, and although her version of Donna is excellent for martial arts and possesses great strength and acrobatics, she does not have much of the powers she has shown in previous comics, at least not right now.

Her weapon

Roy Harper and Donna Troy with their weapons in DC comics

Modern Donna in the comics carries her sword and shield, but these are not seen in Titans so far. The weapons compliment her silver Lasso and suit not only an Amazonian warrior, but a Donna Troy very separate from Wonder Girl. These have become something of a signature weapon for her.

There’s another season off Titans on the horizon, so maybe Donna’s mighty comic book arsenal comes into the picture. They wanted to switch up and help her show off more of her fighting styles, just like how Robin’s transition to Nightwing allowed him to combine his movements with his new electric Escrima Sticks.

Her Lasso

Donna Troy with her lasso in DC Comics

Titans Donna has a Lasso of Truth that in design and function is similar to the one worn by Wonder Woman. But Donna’s lariat in the comics (Lasso of Persuasion) glows blue or silver and works a little differently than Diana’s. Its abilities are limited as it is only effective on those who have weaker willpower than Donna, even though it is imperishable.

In the show, there is only a single instance of Donna using her Lasso to get someone to tell the truth, so it’s hard to say exactly how it shapes compared to the comic version of her weapon. However, it has proven to be amazingly strong in combat, and there is no mention of the willpower with it, so it is perhaps just more powerful than Lasso of Persuasion.

Wonderful girl costume

Cover of the cartoon The Return of Donna Troy

Wonder Girl costume i Titans is super accurate compared to Donna’s classic look in The New Teen Titans 80s race. But over time, Donna has had many other looks, such as the iconic star-chart jumpsuit in the DC Special, Donna Troy’s returnor her current outfit, the more armored look that can be seen recently in the limited series, Titans United.

Maybe fans will see Donna pick up one of these iconic looks Titans‘future. But so far, when she’s out on Titan’s business, she’s keeping the classic Wonder Girl suit at hand. Interestingly enough, Titans Donna usually dresses in black casual attire, perhaps in a nod to her comic book palette.

Her Loyalty

The Titans and the Justice League and DC Comics

IN TitansBruce Wayne and Wonder Woman maintain their duties in the Justice League, while the titular heroes hand out justice in San Francisco and Gotham. Several members of the Teen Titans have actually been part of the Justice League themselves. Cyborg, Starfire, Dick and not least Donna Troy all signed up Justice League of America Vol 2 # 41even though Donna leaves the group on time.

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Justice League is mentioned in Titans and are a bit important in the sense that they dictate whether Bruce is in town to help the team. In fact, no members are actually seen other than Wayne himself. Maybe fans could see more of them and The Titans sometime in the future, as has been the case in the comics.

Her death

Cyborg Superman kills Donna Troy in DC Comics

Donna’s controversial death in Titans was further questioned by some who pointed out that in Wonder Woman 1984Diana survived what killed Donna with apparent invulnerability and went relatively unscathed from there. But what if Donna died in another way? Maybe more like how it was done in the comics?

IN Titans / Young Justice: Graduation Day # 3Donna was killed during a battle with a Superman Android. Of course, as fans have now seen in live-action and comic book form, Donna Troy will not remain dead for long. She finds a way to defy the odds and come back again and fight. In that sense, there is a similarity between comic book and show deaths, but the ways in which they occurred are still very different.

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