Enter the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech with Phaidon’s latest book

For 60 years, the French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, now known as just Saint Laurent, has consistently delivered fresh designs that work with classic silhouettes and elevate the beatnik look. While Saint Laurent got a lot of muses along the way, e.g. Betty Catroux and Catherine Deneuve, a trip to Marrakech resulted in endless inspiration for the couturier himself. In 1966, Saint Laurent himself and his longtime partner Pierre Bergé discovered a refuge in the Moroccan city, where the couple would eventually own a 6-hectare plot. “Marrakech taught me colors. Before Marrakech, everything was black,” Saint Laurent once said.

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Born of a partnership between Bergé and the Paris-based design firm Studio KO, the Musée Yves Saint Laurent opened its doors in 2017, a kind of love letter to the city that had a special place in the hearts of Bergé and Saint Laurent. Recognizable on its brick facades, the Musée Yves Saint Laurent is home to a wealth of clothing collections, haute couture accessories and much more, all cemented in the history of the great designer. Phaidon portrays this love work with a coffee table book, Studio KO: Yves Saint Laurent Museum Marrakech, which describes 1,822 days between conceptualizing the space until its opening. From architectural sketches, plans, photographs of Bergé and images of Saint Laurent’s couture creations, the colorful tome documents the creation of an awe-inspiring landmark.

Below you can see the beautiful pictures that make up this tribute to a spectacular space:


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