Four Thoughts on Deshaun Watson’s Settlement Efforts

With the Houston Texans’ 2021 season over, with the NFL playoffs in full swing, we’re on the verge of the second year of what has become an annual tradition here in Houston – the Deshaun Watson season of trade in rumors! Now, my guess is that this tradition will end after this spring when Watson is traded, but if his legal situation is unresolved when NFL draft time in late April, who knows then? Watson may well use another training camp to sit and watch.

One thing we CAN expect over the next few months is that the legal machine starts to rumble in public again. We’ll get to the pending timetable for trial milestones in just a minute, but my guess is that we can start hearing the rumble of conciliation if the Texans find a tradesman Watson likes. It is worth noting that the Miami Dolphins have reportedly moved on from trying to trade for Watson and plan to play with Tua Tagovailoa as quarterback in 2022.

Miami, of course, ran hard on a Watson deal just before the November trade deadline, but Watson was unable to settle all 22 lawsuits, a claim from Miami ownership. So we know that Watson, under the right circumstances, is willing to settle the lawsuits without going to court. To that end, the Daily Beast acquired a copy of a Watson settlement offer for one of Tony Buzbee’s 22 plaintiffs:

Here are the things you need to know about this document and Watson’s situation in general:

This document came from a plaintiff who rejected the $ 100,000 offer
Reportedly, a large majority of Watson’s prosecutors were ready to settle in early November, which would have triggered the agreement between Miami and the Texans. There were a few that rejected Waston’s offer, and this one, complete with name edited, is one of them. The offer to this particular plaintiff was $ 100,000, but that does not necessarily mean that each offer was the same amount.

Watson seeks full confidentiality and admits no error
This part is interesting because at one point it was thought that the big reason Watson did not want to reconcile was that he wanted to be able to tell his side of the story and that he did not want to sign a confidentiality agreement. Whatever the case, this particular document flashes the lips on both sides, and it is very clear that Watson’s settlement is not an admission of responsibility or guilt, but instead the settlements are an attempt to “buy peace.” Okay then!

Watson’s landfill plan begins next month, and it looks brutal
If you’ve never been through a landfill before, consider yourself incredibly lucky. Back in 2005, I was Vice President of Sales for a small telecommunications company that was the plaintiffs in a major lawsuit against a branch of AT&T. I had to go through several clarifications, not to mention taking the witness stand, and it was BRUTAL. To this day, I get PTSD when I watch a courtroom on television, and I definitely get PTSD when I watch this delivery schedule for Deshaun Watson:

Yikes! And I could imagine it being ten times more anxious as a defendant with 22 civil plaintiffs accusing you of some pretty disgusting thing. That said, Deshaun and his girlfriend, Jilly, seem to be having a great time in Switzerland! Not a concern in the world!

With Miami out at Watson, who is the new manager in the clubhouse to trade for him?

I still think Carolina’s going to make a big run at Watson, just like Denver will. Maybe the new team is keeping an eye on the New York Giants, who are checking a lot of boxes as a possible trading partner. First of all, New York seems to be a place where Watson, who has the power of a “no trade” clause, would approve a trade to, given the countless branding opportunities in a chance to rebuild his image. Second, the Giants have the draft capital to fascinate the Texans, as they currently have the fish and the seventh overall pick in the 2022 draft. Finally, the Giants have an opening at GM and head coach, which means they can hire a GM who wants to make a splash, and a head coach that they know Watson likes, just like Brian Flores, who was a big reason to , that Watson would go to Miami, and which has the same representation as Watson.

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