Here’s why Brian Cox rejected Game of Thrones and Pirates of Caribbean

Brian Cox, the veteran actor who currently portrays the Roy family’s patriarch Logan Roy on HBO’s Succession, has had an extremely prosperous Hollywood career. With that kind of talent and influence comes countless opportunities. In his recent memoirs Put the rabbit in the hat, Cox revealed, always with a dark and sharp sense of humor, many unprecedented things about his past, both personal and professional. One of these things is the revelation that he was offered roles in both Game of Thrones and The Pirates of the Caribbean.

In the book, Cox reveals that he turned down the role of Robert Baratheon in the first season of Game of Thrones. Instead, the role went to Mark Addy, who ended up beating the role of the fateful king. But since he is an actor with a large presence, it is also not hard to imagine Cox retiring from the role. Following the success of the HBO fantasy series, Cox regretted his decision to decline the role. In his words:


“I am often asked if I was offered a role in Game of Thrones– The reason is that every other villain was – and the answer is, yes, I should be a king named Robert Baratheon, who apparently died when he was plagued by a boar in the first season. I know very little about Game of Thrones so I can not tell you whether he was an important character or not, and I do not intend to Google it, just if he was, because I rejected it. “(via GQ)

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Cox later admits he lied about not google the role. In addition, he justifies his apology with that with Game of Thrones‘undeniable popularity, each member of the cast earned a fortune. However, he did not seem so embarrassed as his character would have been killed early in the course of the show.

Speaking of large and popular fantasy franchises, Cox also addressed the suspicion that he should play a character in Harry Potter movie. The actor said:

“I think someone had a burning cross stopped me from joining Harry Potter, because all my friends were there. I think the role I could have played was the one there Brendan Gleeson got, Mad-Eye Moody, but Brendan was more in fashion than I was at the time, and that’s pretty much the world way in my business, so he got it. Besides, he’s much better than I would have been. “

Another massive franchise Cox chose not to be associated with was The Pirates of the Caribbean. He had been offered the role of governor, which eventually went to The two popes actor Jonathan Pryce. According to Cox:

“It was he who instructed the Pirates Gore Verbinski, with whom I made The ring, and he’s a nice guy, but I think I deleted my copybook by rejecting the governor. It would have been a money-scammer, but of all the parts in that movie, it was the most ungrateful, plus I would have ended up doing it for movie after movie and missed all the other good stuff I have made. ”

On top of that, Cox further justifies his decision by saying that the films are “Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow”. Apparently, Cox is not a big fan of Depp. He said, “he’s so exaggerated, so overrated,” and even criticizes Depp’s performance in the 1990s. Edward Scissorhand, says: “Let’s face it, if you come up with such hands and pale, scarred make-up, you do not have to do anything. And he did not. And subsequently he has done even less.”

The main takeaway: Cox may have some regrets regarding roles he declined but passed on The Pirates of the Caribbean is not one of them.

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