Hong Kong arrests 2 ex-air crews for violating COVID-19 rules

HONG KONG (AP) – Hong Kong police arrested two former flight attendants for allegedly leaving their home when they were to …

HONG KONG (AP) – Hong Kong police have arrested two former stewardesses for allegedly leaving their home as they were supposed to have been in isolation for possible coronavirus infections, which were later confirmed.

The two arrived from the United States on December 24 and 25. While under medical supervision, they had “performed unnecessary activities”, according to a government statement released late Monday.

Although the statement did not name their employer, the arrests came after flagship shipping company Cathay Pacific said it had fired two crew members for breach of coronavirus protocols. Both later tested positive for the omicron variant.

Cathay said earlier that the actions of the crew, who had broken coronavirus protocols, were “extremely disappointing” and apologized for the disruption. The company had to cut back on flights – both passengers and cargo – in January amid tightened virus edges.

The duo have been released on bail and will have their case heard in court on February 9. If convicted of violating anti-epidemic laws, they could face up to 6 months in prison and a fine of up to $ 5,000 ($ 642).

Hong Kong has struggled with a local omicron outbreak traced to several Cathay Pacific crew members who had eaten at bars and restaurants throughout the city before later testing positive for the omicron variant.

Earlier in Hong Kong, some air and sea crew members were able to isolate themselves at home during certain quarantine exemptions. The rules tightened on December 31 require crew members to isolate themselves at a designated quarantine hotel for about a week to protect public health.

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