I get stuck with her when she gets rude and loud

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I have a friend who from time to time asks me to go shopping with her. None of us have a car, so we use public transportation and always eat out where we shop.

The problem is that she finds a problem with everything – from the driver of the bus to what she has ordered at the restaurant. At a restaurant, for example, she wants to order more biscuits or a to-go drink after the bill has been tabled.

She is very loud and repetitive in making her case known. She will keep repeating herself over the person in charge, confusing them and blaming them.

I have told her that her complaints would be more effective if she did not scream repeatedly at the staff and also that it is wrong to order food after the bill comes. But she says they expect this as she has waitress experience – which equates to about six months during her 58 years.


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