Javier Bardem talks about getting on stage with Bono and apologizes for making Prince an hour late for his concert

By Melissa Romualdi.

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Javier Bardem once accidentally made the late music icon Prince an hour late for his own concert.

The Oscar-winning actor appeared in “The Tonight Show” and told Jimmy Fallon that the singer had invited Bardem and his wife Penelope Cruz along with his friend, actress Jordi Mollà, out to dinner before the show in London.

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“We ate dinner, and we took the dessert, and we got a drink, two drinks, and we thought, ‘No one comes here to pick us up.’ So I went out of the room and said, ‘Hey, we’re here.’ “Ah, are you done?” ‘Yes.’ Then Prince came and said, ‘Are you done?’ ‘Yes.’ “So he asked us to go to the seats, we were accompanied to our seats, and then the show started. And we thought, ‘Oh, my God. They’ve been waiting an hour for us to finish dinner!'”

In Monday’s show, Bardem apologized to fans who were at the concert that night and swore he was not aware of the circumstances.

Javier Bardem and Jimmy Fallon- Photo: Paula Lobo / NBC
Javier Bardem and Jimmy Fallon- Photo: Paula Lobo / NBC

Bardem then shared his version of the viral moment where he stood on stage with Bono for a U2 concert, wearing a cowboy hat and a purple feather boa.

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“My version of the story is very simple. Bono asked us: ‘Hi, guys, we’re playing in Barcelona and we’re taking 10 people with us. Would you like to be on stage? ‘ And I said, ‘Yes!’ She [Cruz] said no then. And then I said to Bono, ‘Bono, the only thing I would tell you is that if I get on stage, some people might not like it. Can say, ‘Hey, what’s that guy doing there?’ He says, ‘Okay, do what you have to.’ So I put on a hat. I put on a purple boa. I make my most erotic movements that I could imagine. Because the song was ‘Mysterious Ways’. And then the song ends, of course, and then I took my hat off, and the whole stadium sounded like “Boo!”, The actor told Fallon.

The “Being the Ricardos” star admitted that when it comes to his own musical talents, he lied about being able to sing and play conga and guitar for his role in the Aaron Sorkin-directed film.

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