Kim Kardashian Bikini Photos: See Her Best Swimsuit Looks Ever

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There may be no one on this earth who loves to post bikini photos more than Kim Kardashian. And honestly, I’m not mad about that. Seeing Kim Kardashian’s bikini pics can sometimes be a bitter reminder that I’m stuck in NYC this winter, but hey, at least nogens having fun!

Whether she rocks a trend-setting monokini or a classic stringy two-piece that fits her like a glove, Kardashian’s beach and pool attire is always on point. Unlike some stars who choose to wear beach accessories such as oversized hats, jewelry and sunglasses, Kim usually keeps it simple – and therefore her looks in hot weather can often be easily copied. You may not want to drop a grand on a bikini the way she wants, but finding a similar style at a lower price is often manageable.

Kardashian became famous long ago for her body and since then she has proved to us that she is so much more than a good character. Our girl is a wonderful mom, an upcoming lawyer, a bona fide fashion icon and a budding comedy genius (yes, I’m talking about her big moment on SNL from 2021)!

That said, she can occasionally still like to remind us how hot she is, thanks to a spontaneous bikini photo posted on ‘Gram! Below is her latest swimsuit snap – a glowing string number – and a look back at some of her best from previous years.

“Mother Nature” Kardashian subtitles the post, which contained a carousel of three photos of her sunbathing on a beautiful beach in a white bikini. In the meantime, I want to be over here in my white, soft puffer coat and freeze and pretend I’m on the beach too.

To start 2022, Kardashian struck us with yet another swimsuit selfie. This not only showed off her thin brown lace bikini, but let her fans know two more intimate details about her life. First that she reads Vanity Fair. Second, that she does not own AirPods.

In a post from November 2021, Kardashian poses in a black bandeau-style bikini and a long side braid. She appears to be in a hot tub, which (according to the caption) is her happy place.

I love Kim in color, so the vibrant purple of this micro-kini she rocked in Palm Springs in July 2021 makes it one of my favorites.

We know our girl loves neutral colors, but honestly I call her bluff from that time in June 2021. There is no way this low-cut top holds in her chest for more than one photo shoot! A swim in the pool with his kids? Not in this issue.

Let it be known that on this day in May 2021, Kardashian made rash guards look hot.

In May 2021, Kardashian posted this strapped black bikini with an intersecting detail in the belly, which sparked a whole new swimwear trend.

And let’s not forget her monokini phase! This one-piece from May 2021 is barely a piece, thanks to a dramatic cut in the middle.

Kardashian rarely poses with her cover-up on, but this May 2021 holiday photo allows us to tackle her go-to: a super-cropped blouse with buttons.

BFFs swimming together win together! Kim and Lala look so cute in their matching tie-dye bikinis from April 2021.

“Studying in the sun,” Kardashian wrote with the caption to this April 2021. To be clear, I’ve never in my life looked so good while studying.

Wonder what Kim wears on the beach when she’s there with her kids? Coordinating neon, natch!

Another monokini moment, this time from April 2021. The contrast stitching was everything!

Another April bikini moment, this time a classic black number that fits Kardashian like a glove.

This barely neutral March 2021 bikini was cute, but it was the Louis Vuitton scarf that really won me over.

This more shiny chocolate brown bikini is especially cute on Kim. Did she predict this year’s brown trend all the way back in March 2021?

Another blouse-like-cover-up moment, this time in beachy cream with some stroppy tie accents.

To post a picture in a bikini so naked that you actually seem naked, and then the text “I’m shy” ?! Icon power only.

This February 2021 photograph is proof that Kardashian should definitely start wearing more lime green.

Kim rarely wears patterned swimwear, but in February 2021, she had fun with this coral-inspired print.

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