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Man may never be able to use his penis again after bizarre DIY impotence treatment goes wrong

A MAN may never be able to use his penis again after an attempt to cure impotence went very wrong.

The American patient and his partner had tried to have sex before using a bizarre method to keep him upright.

The foam expanded in the urethra and bladder, shown by the arrows here


The foam expanded in the urethra and bladder, shown by the arrows hereCredit: Rosa Parka / Susan M.MacDonald
Doctors pulled the foam out of the man's body after the dramatic event


Doctors pulled the foam out of the man’s body after the dramatic eventCredit: Rosa Parka / Susan M.MacDonald

But their amorous attempts ended dramatically when he ended up with expanding foam stuck inside his urethra – which was “anchored” in his penis.

His partner had tried using the straw in a can of weatherproof spray to tackle his impotence.

But she accidentally pressed the button on the top of the can and sent foam into the 45-year-old’s member.

The foam normally used to insulate the home then hardened inside his penis and bladder.

Doctors writing about the dramatic case in the Urology Case Reports said he had been waiting three weeks for help.

It was only when he found it very painful to pee that he was forced to go to the hospital and when he arrived he got blood.

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Doctors found several lumps of the hardened form – some as large as 11 cm.

The doctors tried to pull the foam out through the penis using special tools but were unable to do so.

Instead, they were forced to cut an opening between the scrotum and anus to get the last pieces out.

But this operation means he now has to urinate from three tubes inserted into the new hole behind the scrotum.

The patient, who is currently homeless, needs more surgery to repair the urethra, but only after he has received a psychiatric assessment.

A practice called “sounding” is said to be more and more popular among men who are desperate to fight impotence.

This is when they insert objects into the opening of the urethra to try to stay upright, but it has serious health risks.

Last year, we told how a teenager trying to measure the length of his penis got a USB cable stuck after the experiment went wrong.

The 15-year-old from London had to undergo surgery to remove the knotted cable after it got stuck.


Despite the teenager himself trying to remove it, both ends of the cable were hanging out of his member.

His family was forced to bring him to accident and emergency after he urinated blood.

Erectile dysfunction can be devastating to a man, with one in five guys saying they have experienced problems at some point.

The condition is sometimes referred to as impotence and is characterized by the inability to get or maintain an erection.

Psychological impotence refers to when a man cannot get it up because of thoughts or feelings that hold him back.

When impotence is caused by underlying physical health problems, it tends to be prolonged and treatment is needed.

There is not a single cure to beat ED, but rather a combination of lifestyle monitoring, medication and therapy.

There are various treatments for erectile dysfunction – but they depend on the underlying causes of the condition.

Special tools were used to pull pieces of the foam inside the patient


Special tools were used to pull pieces of the foam inside the patientCredit: Rosa Parka / Susan M.MacDonald
Covid can cause erectile dysfunction in patients recovering from viruses, warns doctor

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