Minecraft: How to breed foxes

Foxes are passive Minecraft mobs found in the normal and snow-covered forests of Taiga biomes, and they can be bred using a specific food item.

Foxes are adorable and playful Minecraft creatures that inhabit Taiga biomes and players who manage to find and breed them can make their own Fox ranch. Foxes and their young come in two colors. Red foxes are located in the Taiga and Old-growth Taiga regions, cold biomes with forest with ferns and spruce trees. Arctic white foxes stay upside down in Minecrafts rare snow-covered taigas, mountainous biomes with terrain resembling an ordinary Taiga region but covered with a blanket of snow.

Minecraft Foxes are typically more active at night, but can also be seen running around during the day when they are not sleeping. If a player approaches a fox, it will immediately dart off and keep a distance of several blocks away from the player. This behavior makes them a little difficult to get close to, mainly due to the harsh terrain in their habitat. However, foxes will not escape if the player approaches them while sneaking.


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To breed foxes in Minecraft, players will need Sweet Berries, a food from Sweet Berry Bushes found in the same Taiga regions as Foxes. Be careful when harvesting these berries, as touching the bushes while moving will cause half a heart of injury. After gathering two or more, sneak up on a pair of wild foxes Minecraft. Although not necessary, it is highly recommended for players to build a fence or enclosure around the foxes, so if the player accidentally scares one, they will not be able to walk too far from the other. Then give both foxes berries to make them breed and spawn a small baby puppy.

Breeding foxes in Minecraft

Fox breeding guide in Minecraft

Unfortunately, no matter how many times players breed a pair of wild foxes Minecraft, they can not be tamed and will always escape from the player. On the other hand, their newborn puppies will not run when a player approaches and will even follow them if the parents are not nearby. Nevertheless, the parents will constantly stay close to the baby, so if the players want to have the puppy completely to themselves, they can use a cord to guide the baby away from its parents. Leads can be purchased Minecraft items from Wandering Traders, or they can be made using 4 × string and a slime ball.

Alternatively, players can kill the Fox parents to get the baby to follow them. However, it would be wise to breed the fox pair a second time to get two domesticated baby foxes, which can then be taken home to start a fox farm.

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Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

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