Moon Knight Trailers reveals first look at Khonshu

The first full-length trailer for Marvel’s Moon Knight has arrived, giving fans an expanded look at Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) and his mysterious surroundings. It includes the first look at Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god. Fans just get a quick glimpse of the longtime side character, but even then, the character’s presence is one of the most effective images in the trailer.

Khonshu has long been a part of ancient Egyptian mythology and was brought into the Marvel mythos by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz the first issue of the first self-titled Knights of the Moon series. The character has taken many forms over the years, but always shows up in connection with Spector. In the source material, Spector is mortally wounded in Egypt, and he dies at the feet of a Khonshu statue.

From there, Spector is revived and becomes Khonshu’s Fist, an avatar of a god who usually falls on the villainous side of the spectrum. One of the character’s most prominent stories came right in Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness’ Avengers races in which Spector reluctantly helped the god take over much of the world.

Although the trailer itself revealed few or no plot details, a previously revealed synopsis teases a war between gods – suggesting that Khonshu has found himself in conflict with another from the Egyptian pantheon.

“A new worldwide action-adventure series with a complex vigilance that suffers from dissociative identity disorder,” reads synopsis. “The many identities that live within him are thrown into a deadly war of gods against the backdrop of modern and ancient Egypt.”

Knights of the Moon debuts at Disney + on March 30th. If you have not signed up for Disney + yet, you can try it here.

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