Neglected dog who always wears the same clothes

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CHICAGO – Shaking his head as they watched the 6-year-old beagle mix walk past with its owners, sources on Tuesday expressed concern that a local dog should be neglected, noting that it was always seen wearing the same set of clothes. “That poor thing owns a shabby outfit,” said 43-year-old neighbor Kelsey Hoyle, who added that she had also never seen the dog wear anything other than the thin, flimsy clothing on its walks, no matter how low the temperatures dropped. . ‚ÄúSometimes I see him just staring out the window, all alone, and it breaks my heart. You know the dog does not have a good home life. He’s probably abused. God, it makes me sick. “At the time of the press, Hoyle added that there was no way the dog’s owners bathed him more than once a month.


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