New book by Utah author explores everyone’s individual potential, self-esteem

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“Every single person – whether they know it or not – they mean something.”

Utah author Gayle Holdman hopes her new children’s book, “The Piece That Is You,” conveys to readers of all ages.

For almost 30 years, Holdman has worked with her husband Tom in their world-renowned stained glass business. This experience, along with her degree in family science and certification in positive psychology, led to a revelation. Like the individual pieces that make up stained glass art, people are beautiful and unique – and each piece is crucial.

“Each window has pieces that are different sizes, different shapes, different colors, they are placed in different parts of the window … But each piece is crucial to the whole,” Holdman said.

“Different cultures and languages ​​and places we have come from, and the different experiences we have – our joys, our sorrows, our successes, our failures – they make us all individual and unique.”

And that was when the idea for a children’s book was born. Holdman’s ultimate goal is to inspire children to have more confidence in themselves and to feel that they have a place and a purpose in this world. She hopes that children through the book’s words and illustrations will walk away inspired to make the world a better place.

An excerpt from the book perfectly encapsulates the takeaway message: “Always be kind and work hard. Do your best. Your life can brighten up for the rest. Something amazing can come from what you do too! The world will be blessed by piece, it is you.”

New book by Utah author explores everyone's individual potential, self-esteem
Photo: Roots of Humanity Foundation

Hope for the future

In addition to providing a feast for your eyes, this book will enhance your outlook on the future, according to reviewers.

“In a world that has so much division, this book creates a world full of diversity, full of promises, full of the very best that is in humanity,” writes one reviewer. “I felt the amazement and excitement that the future holds for all of us come back to my mind. When I read this book to my grandchildren, it gave me hope for their future and brought peace to my heart. This book is a must to read for all ages. “

Another reader added: “I love this book! Do not just do it [it] contain a message that everyone needs, but it presents it in such a wonderful way that no one forgets it. The rhyming text and creative illustrations are captivating. “

New book by Utah author explores everyone's individual potential, self-esteem
Photo: Roots of Humanity Foundation

Pre-order your book today

“The Piece That Is You” is a great Christmas gift for anyone on your list who needs a reminder of their self-esteem – which includes everyone!

If you live locally, you can pick up a copy when the books arrive, by visiting Holdman Studios at Thanksgiving Point, or you can pre-order it online. (Note: Due to the global shipping crisis, your order may take longer than expected.) Revenue from the book will also benefit the Roots of Humanity Foundation, whose mission is to promote inspiration and connection through education and the arts.

To learn more about the book and other available products, visit

Roots of Humanity Foundation

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