Strong tips to make sure your arranged marriage works

While arranged marriages are quite common in India, there is no denying that they bring together a few people who have had a completely different upbringing and experiences. While belonging to the same community can ensure that some of your values ​​are the same, you can still have a very different approach to life and even parenting. Therefore, you can use these tips to build a strong foundation with your partner to ensure that your union thrives.

  1. Get your mind used to thinking like a couple

One of the easiest ways to nurture a spit in a marriage is to think selfishly or only consider your own happiness before making decisions. Remember that you are part of a couple now and you also need to think from your partner’s perspective. If you feel you may not know what he or she wants, just ask them to simplify things and have clear goals.

newlywed couple

  1. Do not be pessimistic

You may have your fair share of reservations before entering into marriage. Some tend to wonder if they could ever be happy with someone their parents have chosen. Then there are those who question the sanctity of marriage between a couple in the digital age. Whatever your preconceived notions about marriage, do not be pessimistic about making sure you have a fair chance of making it work.

  1. Make friends with your spouse

Ensuring that your spouse is an ally can be a great way to start a marriage. You may then find it easy to navigate your social obligations, your family responsibilities and even their temperament. So try to become friends with them and develop common interests so that you can look forward to a harmonious marriage.


  1. Love would happen, give it time

Studies show that brides and grooms who have been brought along with my matchmakers or their own families tend to develop a deeper bond as the years go by. While it would not be wise to expect to fall in love right away, give it time and feel your love for each other grow over time.

Remember that the marriages you grew up looking around you, for better or worse, are no indicator of what your marriage would be like. It is only by investing time and thought into your relationship that you can have a strong marriage.

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