The 2010 fashion brands are reinventing themselves in 2022

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If you’ve been anywhere on the internet in the last year or so, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a growing fascination with the early aughts. From butterfly motifs to micro-minis, these 00s staples have basically taken over the trend-driven fashion scene. But now a new (old) era is quietly on its way: the 2010s.

Yep, you read that right – in fact, they were not to long ago, yet our lifestyle has changed drastically since then. I mean, that was when TikTok was better known as, and shopping IRL in the mall was consistently on the weekend’s agenda. After two years that changed his life, a return to decades of previously lively fashion has undoubtedly been a welcome idea.

And for the brands that ruled in the 2010s, this has been top-of-mind when deciding how to perform the same lightness of the 2010s in a way that relates to today’s fashion. “I think the nostalgia factor is a big part of why these decades resonate with our customers,” said Kristin Scott, Global Brand President at Abercrombie & Fitch Co regarding their portfolio of brands such as Hollister and Gilly Hicks.

In the midst of such a crazy world, these time periods evoke feelings of simpler, easier times that they want to intervene in, ”Scott tells STYLECASTER.

Yet a key factor for success in the 2020s versus 2010s is to have a value-driven mission in add on for coveted fashion. For Hollister, this has been a priority in updating their brand ethos. “We interpret our brand purpose, which is to unleash the spirit of an endless summer in everyone, and ensure that everything we create pays homage to individuality and makes our customers feel comfortable and safe in their own skin,” says Scott.

An expansion of inclusive messages can also be seen when looking at Victoria’s Secret, although it is unclear whether these brands will actually expand the size or remain in the talking. So while we’re excited about the news of carefree style to make a comeback, it’s crucial for today’s cult-classic malls to adhere to our value-driven lifestyle as well.

Beforehand, you can discover how your favorite brands from the 2010s develop into the new age – while bringing their beloved nostalgia with them.

UGGs were the obvious choice for any It Girl from the 2010s looking for a comfort-driven yet fashionable footwear option. While sneakers have undeniably stolen our hearts over the last few years, UGG is back to being top-of-mind thanks to pandemic-induced lifestyle changes (Read: we want to be comfortable at all times!) By taking full advantage of the buzz , UGG has renewed itself past their classic boots to include variations of sandals and handbags in their range, as well as collaborating with other of-the-moment brands (Hi, Telfar!).


Lent by UGG.

It is safe to say that the American Eagle is eager to innovate in the new age. Known as the go-to source for denim in the 2010s, they have now launched a sustainable line of jeans titled AE77. In addition, they have partnered with social It Girls like Addison Rae and Madison Bailey, making it known that they are ready to take risks that feel important to next-generation shoppers in the 2020s.


Lent by American Eagle.

Who did not have a Coach bag with logo in the 2010s? Although Coach still offers overall logo options, their most popular styles currently include a less-is-more approach and lots of leather. For example, the viral Pillow Tabby is undeniably the It Bag of the decade, and other trendy options include whimsical patchwork, quilting and elegant hardware.


Lent by coach.

After throwing away Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and lasting leadership changes over the past few years, Victoria’s Secret is working hard to reintroduce itself. Most notably, the retailer has announced VS Collective as a replacement for their Angels, which consist of inspiring “partners” like Paloma Elsesser, Naomi Osaka, Bella Hadid and Adut Akech. At the same time, they still publish lots of dreamy lingerie, nightwear, active wear and more.


Lent by Victoria’s Secret.

Hollister brought “California cool” to everyone’s wardrobe through casual style with a flirty edge – and they were obviously known for their logo t-shirts and sweats. Now you can find leather and shearling jackets, a wealth of denim outside the confines of skinny jeans and sweat sets that may still contain some logos, but in a more creative, nonchalant way. In addition, they have partnered with TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio to launch Social Tourist, which includes unisex options.

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Lent by Social Tourist.

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