Toya Johnson has fans in awe with the latest video featuring Rigny and Robert Rushing

Toya Johnson shared a post on his social media account that has fans in awe. Check out the post with her daughter, Reign Rushing, and her father, Robert.

‘Do not worry, when the good Lord blesses me with my son, I will experience this kind of bond. My children are father girls. I’m going in where I fit in. Who can relate? ‘ Toya subtitles her post.

Someone said, ‘I would love to experience this type of love !!! #conditional father-love, ‘and one commenter wrote the following:’ That boy will change your life, I promise you. ‘

A fan said: ‘Have a son, sweetheart, they love their mother endlessly and always compliment us … You can see how @mrrushlife loves his mother !!! #BoyMom #IloveItHere. ‘

Another follower rposted this: ‘And it’s no age limit because my newborn will cry wildly with me but sit in dad’s arms so peacefully for hours.’

Another said, ‘Aww Yayy, I’m wondering about a boy too, may he come in the name of Jesus soon’, and one commenter wrote this: ‘I wanted a son, with my husband, had a son, and the whole son of hell father’s boy. Idk wtf I did. ‘

Toya Johnson addressed an important message of friendship. Fans gave her feedback in the comments and you can check out her post below.

‘We all have friends, but how many can you really call your sister? Who is really going to ride with you to the last? In my last book, I dedicated an entire chapter to my friends… ..In my own words. #Realsisters #chapterchat, ‘said Toya.

Toya Johnson and her daughter is getting ready for training in 2022. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

‘@reign_beaux and I are getting ready for some new WNM kids workouts. Who joins us ?? Download and subscribe to the @weightnomoreinfo app today! #wnmkids, ‘subtitles Toya’s post.

Toya Johnson wa s roser a luxury company.

‘My maid in New Orleans told me about this company and I thought it was ingenious so I ordered some goods and had to share it. I’m so proud of you @iambluxury, it’s absolutely necessary! Make sure you all shop @b_luxury_essentials for all your travel needs. I am fully in stock for my upcoming trip. Xo #ilovethis #support blackbusinesses, “she wrote.


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